The Beauty of Jesus Changes Everything!

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone☺️! Blessing and Peace to all! I hope all is well with everyone and you all are enjoying this new day and new week! Welcome to another encouraging conversation. So if you are ready to start the conversation, then grab something to drink ☕️ and let’s get into the discussion.

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So, for today’s conversation I would like to share a beautiful testimony of an awesome experience that I had on Wednesday morning, July 20, 2022. But let me give a brief snippet of an experience I have been going through for context. For the past several months I have been going through some spiritual warfare. I have praying, I have been asking others for prayer and at times fasting but still I have been going through. At times I would cry and feel down but over all the Holy Spirit was still filling me with joy and peace. Although I know God will eventually move on my behalf I was becoming distracted by what I was praying for.

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One day I become so fed up that I decided to go on a fast. My fast was to be a five day fast and I really just wanted to close myself away from others for most of these days and just pray and seek God. Although I wanted God to change my situation, my pray was to love Him with all my heart, all my soul, strength, and mind; to love my neighbor as I love myself and for greater intimacy with Jesus! The reason why this was my pray focus was because overall I wanted Jesus to be everything to me and I felt that this issue I am experiencing was conflicting with my focus on Jesus. The first two days went a lot better than any other fast I have ever went on but on day three it did not have the same weight as day one or two. Although it seemingly felt different on day three I still was determined to reach day five. So I decide to leave my pray room and look at a Live on YouTube of a minister who hosts the presence of God through worship every Monday through Friday.

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As I listened he was speaking about fasting and how people at times fast in their own strength. As he continue I asked the Holy Spirit should I continue on the fast and then I laid my head down. All of a sudden I saw in my mind Jesus kneeling down with a cup of coffee in His and I became overwhelmed with how beautiful He is. My heart became overwhelmed and I just wept and got on my knees and wept some more. Then I went back into my pray room weeping and prayed. Even my weeping went into days later. This encounter was so overwhelming that I felt like this was my first spiritually encounter I ever had even though I know it wasn’t. After a while I went back to my bed and listen to an older Live that he saved and he started sharing a past struggle was similar to my frustration and next he basically said that when he started to look at Jesus then he got what he needed. From that moment I believe the Holy Spirit used that man to confirm what I was receiving from seeing Jesus which was this: all I have to do is stay in worship and keep focusing on Jesus. Of course I realized that the Holy Spirit answered me yes through that experience and I ended the fast and got some coffee but the most important thing I received was that I all I need to do is keep my gaze on Jesus and awe for Him. Even as I recount that experience I feel the Holy Spirit and I want to just focus on Jesus.

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See in life we can face so much adversity and we start to get so distracted but then it becomes even more trying when the majority of your pray time is filled with prayers for your family, your friends, and your problems, asking for more power, and more revelation. Of course I am aware of how important these things are and that God cares about these things but at some point the cares and the worries of the world will distract us from the beauty of Jesus. Our hearts will become so filled with secondary things that the amazing, overwhelming, so satisfying Awe of Jesus gets push out, which should be our first thing (our main focus). I remember when I was younger in the Lord and I was so infatuated with God but as time went on I started letting the cares of this life pull me away from having a singe eye for the Lord. But by God’s love, mercy, compassion, varies trials, time, and having to learn the hard way now I understand that I wasn’t missing nothing. Now that I have had this encounter I want to protect it because I realize how blessed I was and how precious intimacy with Jesus is.

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So I pray and desire and I hope you pray and desire as well with me that intimacy stays a priority to through everyday life and in your prayer closet. Don’t just give God a laundry list of things you want and need but practice being in His presence. Be still and know that He is God. Allow Him to minister to you. I pray that we will have more encounters with Jesus which will light the fire of our hearts, keep it lit, and that we remain in Awe of Him. I believe that this is the most important posture that we can take. Its where you start to have the right prospective, you are no longer distracted, and all your needs will eventually be meet (see Matthew 6:33). Friday on the Livestream of that Youtube channel, this same minster shared how he had a vision of a principality that was huge and a doom of oppression that cover the region where he lives in which caused the light of heaven to be unable to come through. So of course he started coming against it but the Holy Spirit told him only look at Him (God). So when that minister started worshipping God that principality started becoming smaller and smaller and the doom started opening up. God’s light and blessing was able to come through because instead of rebuking the principality he worshiped God instead.

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You see my brothers and sisters the beauty of Jesus is really our answer. In Him we find what we need and sometimes those issues arises in our life to cause us to look back at Jesus. Even before that encounter I receive from three different people that God basically know and His grace is sufficient but I just could get a complete handle on what my posture should be during this season. But Praise Be To God for that encounter. Now I have instruction and I know where to place all my focus and energy into, the beautiful face of Jesus.

So I encourage you to seek Jesus. Make worshipping Him your priority. Intimacy is the answer! Let us stop the falling into he trap of Satan, which is distraction and allow our all knowing Father to work behind the scenes on our behalf. So with that, remember to take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation! I hope this discussion blessed, inspired, challenged, but overall encouraged you. If so, then please like👍🏾, subscribe, comment, and share! Have a beautiful🌺, blessed day and bye for now🌹!


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