Leaving the Fog of 2020

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Going through the Fog of Life:

Our current mindset worldwide has left us a bit apprehensive because of the major changes due to the current virus. We have lost so much. We have received some heavy blows to our optimism during the year, 2020. Although this is a new year, some of us may feel like things are not going to get better. Some may say what is the point of trying something new but allow me if I may, to help you regain the silver lining in your sights for a moment.

Sometimes to gain ground we have to push through the thick fog of life to get to the other side. When I use to live in California I would experience very thick fog that it took an act of faith to drive through it. I had to believe that I was still on the right side of the road while hoping I would not hit anything or anyone while I was driving extremely slow. Some of you may be thinking perhaps I should have waited it out but who is to say how long that fog would have lasted. So this is what I liken life to. Sometimes faith has to become your sight in order to keep going.

Here is some advice to help you believe again and push through the fog:


My first encouraging advise I am giving to you is to start believing again that things will turn out good. If God has made specific promises to you, then continue to know that the Lord will move on your behalf because He keeps his promises. Also think about the past victories that the Lord has seen you through. Whenever I think about how God has gotten me through all my trials, it encourages me to continue to have a mindset that God will see me through again.

Being Intentional

Another way to push through life’s fog is to start your day off with a positive mindset. When you wake up be grateful that the Lord allowed you to see another day. I think we have heard at least once from an elder that “you should be grateful to be alive because someone else did not wake up this morning”. So when you wake up be intentional with your mornings by declaring that you will wear a smile on your face despite how you feel. There are many people who can testify that when they made this decision, the rest their day was brighter.

Revisit Your Dreams

My last advise to help you push through is to revisit your dreams and plans. Get motivated again! Continue to pursue your dreams because you are still here. Work on improving yourself, go after that job, or start that new business. Whatever you had hope to do, still work on it with passion and dedication. Believing that something wonderful will come from it.

So this is my point and my encouragement to you, although life may seem foggy you have to push through in faith. We don’t know how long our world will have to go through these new changes but continue to chose to have hope. At the end of the day believing in something better is a lot better than staying in one spot worrying and being pessimistic, so get encouraged again and go through with a smile on your face in this new year, 2021.

Kenya Johnson

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By Kenya

I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.


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