4 Great ways to get each day started on the right foot.

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone😊! Welcome to another encouraging conversation to get your day and week started out right. I hope all is well with everyone. So grab that yummy drink☕ and lets get into the conversation.

Helping you get a good start for each day!

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For today’s conversation I would like to share some wonderful ideas that could help you get your day started on the right foot. Over the years these things that I am about to share has helped me tremendously move through my day grounded and less prone to become irritable. As someone who went some many days without working and now back into the workplace I can say that I am so grateful that I invested into these things that I am about to share.

Starting the day with Jesus.

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Every morning I have to spend time with the Lord. When we give Jesus first place, we are getting what we really need to help us get though that day. In Matthew 6:11, it says “Give us today our daily bread”. Jesus is the bread of life and the manna from heaven that the Israelites ate in the wilderness. This time with Him feels me with what I need and sets my mind on what and whom is important. Its like my spiritual breakfast. It is important that we really become invested in our relationship with Jesus because the more you stay in His presence the more you take on His attributes. Even if you have His Spirit in you, you still have to nurture that relationship like any other relationship.

I also can tell when people are not spending with the Lord. They are always complaining and frustrated. They are not experiencing the peace of God and it is hard for them to cope with difficult situations. When you start taking time about to be with Jesus then life compared to Him does not overwhelm you so quickly because you are anchored Him. We will stop being so easily move by circumstances because we know who we belong to, God sees everything, and He loves us. We will know that we are not by ourselves in any circumstance which is so comforting to know.

Preparing yourself!

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Preparing yourself is also very important. Many humans just wake up at the last minute and go straight to work. These people are usually unkept, running late, and running on low. This type of behavior is definitely a sign that something is wrong. Preparing yourself in the morning is like giving yourself the best opportunity to put your best foot forward. During this time you should be washing up and getting dress in clean clothes. I enjoy this time because its therapeutic and helps me to make sure that feel confident, prepared, and presentable. Even during this time you can play something soothing and put on a candle.

Care for your space.

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Before I leave my home, I like to make sure that my room is clean and in order. I do this because after a long hard working day, I want to come home to a clean room to enjoy. Your home should be welcoming not overwhelming. When I come home I just want to enjoy some peace and quiet and have some tea. Its like my own hotel room with my favorite things. If you seen the show Hoarders, then you have heard how those individuals feel so depressed to come back to there homes because of the horrific condition that it is in. If you are not doing this I suggest that you try it out to see how it makes you feel when you come back from your busy day.

Something healthy.

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My last advise is giving your body something healthy to drink and eat. After many hours of not drinking and eating during your time of sleep, your body needs some replenishment. Drinking water is very hydrating and needed for the body since it is made up of 60% of water. It helps us flush out waste, it gives nutrients to the cells in our body, transports carbs and proteins through the body stream, and etc. Depending if you eat in the morning or later, we really need to make sure that or diet is balance. So many people like to blame the devil for so many health issues but in many cases it is a lack of self control. It’s easy to always cast the blame on something else but this behavior still will not aid you into a better and healthier life. So make sure to care for your body internally.

Conclusion time.

Kenya 💗

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I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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