Coming out of Confinement.

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Have you ever felt confined to a place. Have you felt that you wish you could be in another position or location. There are times in my life where I have felt trapped and desperate for change. When I would dwell on my predicament it only made me feel discouraged. One thing I have learned is that I needed to change my perspective and this helped me return to a joyful disposition. After this light bulb moment, whenever I would feel depressed or confined I would implement these life saving tips.

I think the most important place to start is in the mind. Our mind can take us to places that we can not physically go. We can see this in our imagination, our mind. Have you notice how we can have an those “heated conversations” or “I should have said that” moments, in our head, those conversation would contiune to go on in our minds even when we are not trying. We have to understand the importance where we have to start which is in our minds. Chosing to think about our situation in a positive way will help alleviate the negative thoughts and the closed in feelings about your situation. Maybe there is a lesson that you may need to learned from that situation. Perhaps, maybe it is an answer to a pray you were praying (You know the ones you were praying out of desperation). There has to be a reason for your hardship or change, so consider the positive side.

The outward appearance has the ability to break you, cause stress and depression. One of the shows I find interesting is Hoarders. I have notice that these people always have the same facial expression and attitude which is negative, depression, lack of self confidence, anger, and many other issues that are negative mental and phyiscal manifestations. There reality of the home situation aids in keeping them in the state of thinking. After the psychologist and clean up crew shows up to help the person, that person is presented with a choice to take thier help or contuine in that inhumane lifestyle. I enjoy when the intervention is successful and the person who was hoarding has a different disposition than before. They look relieved, they are so greatful, and have a new sense of confidence. (Also that show always keeps me in line with my own cleanliness). So we may have to look at our surroundings and access if we need to make some changes. When I make my room feel and look like a haven I am grateful and I feel special. If you have the ability to change your surroundings it would be a good idea and when you finish you will have that sense of peace, control, and a feeling of being refreshed.

Another way the feeling of confinement can be alleviated is to think beyond yourself. The main reason why we are depressed is becuase we continue to think of our problems. It is so important to be a giver. Whether it is your time, money, or a smile to those around you, these aveunes of giving can cause you to get the focus off you. Just thinking on your hard situation will not make the problem disappear but while you are giving to others you are giving to yourself. What are you recieving you might ask?: well you are recieving the understanding that there is more to life than yourself. As a christian the bible tells me that we are commanded to love our nieghbor as yourself. I believe there is more than one reason why God gave of us this command but maybe one is it may protect us from getting overwhelmed with self and when you are depressed I think this command is something that we should definitely benefit from when we obey. Many times when I would focus on someone else to be a blessing my heart would whell up and I would feel great joy. And guess what? my mind is not overwhelmed with my problem.

One of the most encouraging ways to deal with the feeling of confinement is to take sometime from the place were you are feeling overwhelmed and down. Examples could be taking a walk in your nieghborhood, go to a friends or family member’s house, go to the beach, or just some where that you can get away from the source of stress for a little bit. Getting some fresh air and coming into contact with something or someone that you enjoy could make you feel lighter.

With all these great tips mention, one thing I am not saying is to use these tips to wiggle out of facing situations that you are capable of changing. Remember the show Hoarders that I mention earlier. They had to eventually face their mess, so if it is in your power to change your situation then take the steps nessecary to face your challenges.

Remember our mind, our surroundings, being a giver, and utilizing places of recreation can help you overcome that feeling of confinement and depression. I hope these tips are something that you can use whether it is one or all these tips. Remember to encourage yourself and stay positive. Bye for now!

-Kenya Johnson

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By Kenya

I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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