Five ways to deal with the assigned naysayer.

Why does it seem like when we’re trying something new to better ourselves, this new thing is accompanied with the “voice of reason”? We hear words in our head given way to questions like “Is it really worth it”? or “Are you sure this is a good idea”? Of course, it is understandable when the “voice of reason” comes in the moments when we really need to use caution like jumping off a building or spending our whole paycheck at the casino when we need to pay our bills instead. Yes, those are the times when the “voice of reason” should become our ally. So like many other people this fresh January of 2021 I desired to start something new but the “voice of reason” was there with those old familiar questions.  So at that moment I thought “are we assigned a naysayer” which at this moment seems to me to be a hater. 

Why does this happen? Well I have heard like many others it is because we may be afraid of the unknown and I think that most of us would agree with that. We can become so comfortable after a long time of doing things one way that it becomes daunting to think about changing up our routine. I mean after a long eight to ten hours of sleep no wants to just get out of a cozy bed right? So what to do?

Well I have five ways that can totally help you overcome that voice of that inner naysayer.


You need motivation to help you stay on track. Some ideas that you may find helpful are YouTube videos, books, blogs, and inspirational sayings that promote what you are pursuing. These are so helpful when you need to stay focus on what you are focusing on your objective. Another way to stay motivate is the accountability partner. Friends and family can help push you as well in the direction that you are focused on going.   These tips can renew the way you think and thus you will become more confident in your new pursuit.


One of the most important ways to stay on track is the reward. Change without a reason which is the reward is a sure way to lose your momentum. Some examples of rewards could be reaching a certain body weight, earning a degree, getting out of debt, or being able to change the world around you. There are so many ways to reward yourself so make sure you choose one.

Challenging Yourself

If you want to grow you need to challenge yourself. When we want to grow our muscles, run further, or learn a new skill; challenging ourselves is something that we need to do. Personally I think it is important not to stay stagnant as we can see with God’s beautiful creation. If our plants never grow we would consider that there is a problem. Don’t cheat yourself by staying in your comfort zone but expand on more of your gifts and talents.


We have heard this saying before “to continue to do the same thing and expect a different result is insanity”. I would concur. We can’t just stay in the same old routine and expect for us to come into a brand new way of life just because. We have to put in the work. Don’t allow precious time to slip away and then one day you will regret all the miss opportunities that could have been used to help you become the person you wanted to be.

Staying Positive

Staying positive during the process will help you to stay encouraged and enthusiastic. Try to smile everyday while you work on your goal. Speak only good over what you are doing in order to keep your mind from turning into a negative nancy. You have the ability to chose to think positive and cast down any negative thoughts that can be used to stop your process or sabotage your work.

Take the first step

Now that we have some fun and awesome tips I think its time to say yes to your goals and ignore the assigned naysayer. Just take the first step and another and another all the while using these helpful tips and one day you will be right where you want to be. Then one day you can inspire someone esle to do the same.

I hope you found these tips encouraging and useful. In my own life I have incorporated these ideas and have achieve what I hoped for. Continue to stay focus and confident in your endeavors. If you have any other thoughts or ideas that has helped you reach your goals share below.  As we face the waves of life let us share with others what has helped us stay a float. Thank you for taking the time out to read my post and  bye for now!

P.S. Here is a free helpful check list to remind you of the five ways to overcome the assigned naysayer. Enjoy!

Kenya Johnson

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I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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