The Responsibility of the Parent.

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Good morning! I hope everyone’s week is going well. So welcome to the second post of a Titus 2 Perspective blog where I want to bring some sobering content that I hope will edify anyone who is reading this. So lets jump into the discussion.

So who’s job is it anyway?

When I was a child I remember the majority of my learning about God was from the church. Children’s church was were I would learn about God and sing worship songs. The only major thing I remember learning in the church during my childhood was the board way and the narrow way (which praise God was a very important lesson). Then when I grew older I attended regular services and I was apart of the choir. Even though I had fun I do not remember much of who God really was or anything about Jesus. I just knew there was a God. After my enlistment in the Military I came out as a Veteran and a single mother. In 2005 that is when I started seeking the Lord or maybe the Lord was calling me unto himself. Now 16 years later here I am blogging on the subject of parenting from a biblical stand point.

So who’s job is it to teach your children about God? I ask once again. The answer is the parents. As the world as a whole has had to faced the lockdown from the pandemic and the church buildings were closed many believers were left to do “church” on their own. Perhaps during this time many had to face the reality of their relationship with God and the thought of did they really know Jesus. So I mention all that to point out why it is important to teach your children about God’s word and who Jesus really is. We have to as parents take a real responsibility for our child’s soul. As my daughter grew I would have bible study with her according to what she could handle and so as she aged the lesson’s would become more in depth.

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As a person who loved going to church as well as reading the bible and seeking God for myself I found myself questioning the church I was attending and what I was reading in the bible. After a while I believe that I needed to leave that church after about ten years of attending and serving. When I left, my relationship with God did not stop nor did my bible studies and neither did my instructions for my daughter. So If I only left it up to the “church” to teach my daughter then I believe I would have done my daughter a great disservice.

The scripture explains that when you teach your child the way they should go then when they grow older they will not depart. It has to be the worst thing to see your child grow up only to go down the wrong path but I believe the worst feeling is that although your child made their own decisions, the parent who did not teach their child about good morals and God’s word, that parent would left with the “I wish I would haves”. Just saying you want apples from an apple tree is not enough. We all know you have to first plant a seed and then water and cultivate it but if you never plant or maybe you did plant a tree but never watered or even tended it then your expectations would naturally be low. So we should start investing into our children early so we can expect God’s promises to come to pass. God is faithful!

So now that we have went over the reasons why parents should be the one teaching their children, here are some helpful ways to teach your children about the things of the Lord.

Praying with them.

Reading the bible with them.

Making praise a normal practice in the home.

Creating bible verse memory cards.

Watching biblical cartoons and movies.

The list could go on but the point is that it is really not hard but it is important. I have seen so many children and parents who say they are Christians but there actions say something totally different. This may seem harsh but when I see a young female child who has on shorts that might as well be underwear and she is with her mom I feel bad for the young girl. We as parent have to teach our children morals and standards. Maybe the mother or father just does not understand that you have to teach you child how to walk up rightly. Either way that child without intervention could face some hurtful situations.

So the main point that I am making from this post is that it is very vital that we become involved in teaching our children about God. We are giving the opportunity to teach our children about Jesus and what he did for us. So let us take our ministry as parents seriously and do what we can to prepare them to meet God.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this post. I hope that it has inspired you to take average of the time that you have with your child no matter what age. Never give up and stay prayerful because God is faithful! If you enjoyed this post please like👍 it and also in order to recieve the next blog post please subscribe and if you would like, please comment down below.😊 Bye for now and enjoy the rest of your day!


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I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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