Leading By Example

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Good Tuesday Morning Coffee to everyone. I hope this new week has started out on a great foot for everyone. As for me I am continuing to enjoy the Georgia weather and stay productive on many different fun projects. Welcome back to the a Titus 2 Perspective on parenting blog. Now lets start the conversation.

Leading by example.

In a world where there are several social media platforms we can see that those who are leading in the social media world have acquired many followers. I myself have subscribe to several YouTube channels as well as Instagram but I am very picky about whom I choose to subscribe to. Even after sometime if I notice something that I do not agree with I will unsubscribe. There are standards to whom I have subscribe to have to meet. Following others I believe is a normal thing which helps us in many cases mimic certain behaviors that we would like to see become apart of our own behavior. In the case of parenting, our children are subscribe to our lives and thus are picking up our behaviors.

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There are many different terms that refer to behavior but the one I would like to look at is Learned Behavior. According to pediaa.com, learned behavior is behavior that we learned through experience or what we are taught by another person who is teaching through behavior. Also this site explains that learned behavior is learned from an outside source or whatever is in our environment. Those who have children understand that when our children are around other children they tend to pick up those same habits or behaviors. So we should understand that the same can be said about the parent and child relationship. This is a sobering thought because without us speaking or purposely teaching our children we are still giving our children daily lessons on how to behave. I do understand how hard it is to try to give the best example to our children everyday on purpose but guess what 😁, I have a great solution to this serious issue.

As I have mention before, I am subscribed to several different YouTube channels and Instagram. I am very picky about these social media platforms because they send indirect messages from their behavior and I could subconsciously learn those same behaviors. So in order to be intentional with my choices I have to have standards. So where does all my standards come from. Well, they come from God’s word, the bible and this is your solution that I mentioned earlier as well. There are so many instructions in the bible that there is an answer for every question. God’s word tells us how to live in every area of our lives and better yet we can share His words with our children. When we share God’s word with our children we are explaining to them that God’s word is what we should mimic.

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When I share God’s word with my daughter I also share some of the mistakes that I have made. I share with her how I was able to overcome those mistakes and change my behavior by seeking God and applying His word to each situation. I make sure she understands that the word of God is our standard on how we should live in this world. When parents share the word of God with their children it helps for children to see that as humans we will all miss the mark. When we as parents mess up we can remind ourselves and our children that the bible is the ultimate authority. So basically even though you are the parent, God’s word should ultimately shape your child’s behavior.

So to conclude, even though we as parents are to lead by example we should make sure that our child understands the one who is the ultimate parent. Our Father in heaven has given us help to raise the next generation. Be a subscriber to God’s word and follow the leading of His Holy Spirit and Jesus. You are not alone in this awesome season called parenting because you have the Father here to guide you and your children.

I hope this conversation has given you some encouragement. As parents leading by example, this can be hard at times but you have help from God who you can pray to. James 1:5 says” If anyone lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. This scripture basically says God will provide the direction and instructions that you need and he will not hold it back from you. So be encourage dear parent. As always thank you for returning to the Tuesday Morning Coffee discussion. I hope that you will like👍, share, comment, and subscribe so we can continue to enjoy some encouraging conversations together. Also please remember to take a look at my store My Coffee and Encouraging Conversation. If your purchase is $60 or more there will be free shipping applied to your order. Okay bye for now👋!


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I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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