Finding Freedom With Both Hands Wide Open

Good Monday Morning Coffee to everyone😁! So happy to be apart of another day and week. How is everyone doing? I hope well. Well I have awesome news! Today is the day that I am launching my very first e-book called Hid in Christ. I believe that this e-book will help many individuals with certain obstacles that they may be facing with their walk with the Lord. So all you have to do if you would like to be able to enjoy this e-book is subscribe down below, then you can enjoy the e-book. Now lets get into the conversation.

How to find freedom with both hands wide open?

We all know that when we come into this world we bring nothing and when we leave we will take nothing. In 2017, this saying was becoming something that I was starting to embrace. In 2000, straight out of high school I went into the Navy. Although I had some really fun times there were those depressing and unfair moments where the military left a bad taste in mouth. Then after the military I was able to find work. I worked at the Veterans Affairs as a nursing assistant for 14 years. Year after year I started experienced to oppression by managers and as a single mother I started desiring change for me and my daughter. You see my job was one hour and forty-five minutes away and usually there was traffic that could put an extra thirty minutes to three hours on my commute. So during those years I began to want to work closer to home.

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No apparent change in site.

After awhile I decide to get my BSN degree (psychology) and a certification (medical records). Thinking that my great work ethic, experience, and education would help me but instead I was turned down every time. You can just imagine how after 14 years of applying to different jobs, only to get turn down every time would make me feel😥. Then finally I reached a point where I just wanted to leave everything and take my daughter and I and live in a RV. I was at that point. I was barely making ends meet and living to pay bills was taking a toll on me. Then I understood that I have no real control over my life.

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Opening my hands.

One day a patient from another unit that I have never seen before asked me if he could use the nursing station phone but I told him he could not because it was against our policy. He then said to me “your a Christian right”? I said yes while amazed that he knew that. Then he said “when you keep your hands closed you can not recieve but when you open your hands then you can recieve”. Then he finally left. I never forgot that. So after all my toiling I just wanted a new beginning and was willing to give up on everything that I worked hard for. I prayed for two years and I was able to move with my parents from Pa to Ga. I left my house and my job without hesitation. Basically I open both my hands to let go of everything so I could recieve something better.

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Finding freedom.

You see when we are holding on to things that are not benefiting us like dead relationships, dead end jobs, houses that we barely can afford, cars with large payments, and anything thing else that is sucking the life out of us we are enslaved to those things. We need to contemplate about what is best for us and take those major leaps of faith in letting go so we can then be able to recieve. You have to considered your mental health, what is best for your family, and if what you are doing is really a benefit or a waste of your time and life. Even though I left my house that I invested a lot money into and a job that even though I was a nursing assistant I made a good amount of money, I have peace and the things that really matter. I even left my close friend of 15 years which was sad. Leaving those things though was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.


I wrote this post because I know of a lot of people who have allowed things to rule over them. They work at a job that they hate and are house poor. They have no freedom because they are enslaved by the fear of letting go. I believe God allowed me to stay at that job with that crazy long commute all those years and living paycheck to paycheck to teach me something. Also desiring to be with my daughter more and doing more fun things with her. All those things lead to a point in my life that taught me I really do not own anything and when I leave this earth all that will matter is what I did for Christ. You can not take your children, your spouse, your pets, or your possessions with you when you die. So why are we holding on to them so tightly that even when we are struggling we still hold on to them. I believe the best way to look at what you have is by looking at yourself as a steward over them. By God’s grace I was able to understand that He is in control and I am not. All that I have is His and I am to manage those things. So my encouragement to you is live under this principle” Live with both hands wide open” and allow God to give and take as needed. Do not allow fear to make you into a slave but be a servant to Jesus and experience freedom.

I hope the conversation has brought you some encouragement and hope it provoked you to really think about what really matters. As we can see in the news that lives are being taken and people are leaving this earth. The only thing that really matters is your relationships, especially with Jesus. Seek Him now while there is still time. Thank you for joining the Monday Morning Coffee discussion and don’t forgot about the free e-book Hid In Christ. Just subscribe and it will be made available for you to enjoy. Please like👍, subscribe, comment, and share! Enjoy the rest of you day and bye for now👋!


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