Telling Your Children The Truth

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Telling our children the truth.

If you are like me, when you think about the current state that our world is end you may feel concerned about how the future of your children’s lives will be effected. It is said that every generation has its major turn of events and even though that is true, as parents who have children we still worry about their future and how these effects could shape them, what decisions will they make, and will they be able to be stand strong against so much confusion and conflict.

Equipping our children.

Are you preparing your child for their future? Are you informing them on how to be able to stand? As I mention in the other Titus 2 Perspective post it is important teach our children God’s word. When we are intentional about teaching we are equipping them. We know the saying “you are either a follower or a leader”. Do you want your child to follow after every new idea of the world or do you want them to be a leader because you taught them who they should be following which is Jesus? Then they can lead others to the truth which is Jesus Christ. Also as I have mention in another post, it is not the responsible of the church to teach your child about God’s word. It is the duty of the parents.

Fighting the good fight of faith.

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So what are the other reasons to tell our children the truth of God’s word. Well as we continue to teach our children we are instilling in them the understanding that no matter how the world’s winds blow they shall remain stable or unmoved in their convictions of what they know to be right. As Christians we understand that we are in a battle so if you are like me you know that it is important to make sure that your children have on the armor of God and praying while keeping their eyes on the truth. Me personally as a mother of a young woman who is about to turn 18, I am still teaching her and pouring into her all that I know, trusting that she will know how to carry herself in this world. I am teaching her about fasting, praying, and seeking God. Please don’t allow any of your children to be blind sighted by the mix messages of the world but invest in them what you want to see displayed in them.

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