4 Ways to Overcome the Power of a Title

Good Monday Morning Coffee to everyone! Yes, we have enter into another week by the grace of God. I hope that all is well with everyone. Now lets jump into today’s discussion.

The power of the title.

Have you ever been ask “what is your sign?” or maybe you took a personality test to see if you were an introvert or extrovert? Have you after, sharing your “sign” or received the results of the test, felt compelled to identify with those titles. Some of our families or peers would even expect you to take on the personality of those signs or stay confined to those titles. As I was talking with someone who is very dear to me, I was sharing with that person just how talented they are and how they could have did so much more. Unfortuately their reply was that they are an introvert which meant that they are confined to the stigmas that surround that title.

Self sabotage.

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When I left that conversation I realize how we can sabotage ourselves, our potential, our talents, and our gifts. It is like imprisoning ourselves in a cell. In that cell you are limited with what you can do and even how you can do it but the saddest part of this is that actually you have the key to that cell’s door which means you can leave at any time. Now I am not saying that titles in general are bad. They do help us to identify individuals in their positions that they are in but the problem begins when we self imposed titles unnecessarily or ignorantly.

How do we move pass the issues with titles.

So we understand that titles are not a bad thing. Some of the titles that I identify with is a Christian, blogger, mother, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, and a many more. I think the best way to approach this title issue is to think about what type of thinking surrounds that title. Here are some examples of questions that we should ask: Is this something that you would like to be known for or as? Does it effect your mental health? How does it make you stand out? These are some questions that we should consider. Just a couple of days ago I had an awesome conversation with a brother in Christ and he helped me understand why I was having some emotional issues. Now I am not going to go into depth about the conversation but at the end of the conversation I understood how I needed to fight spiritually. My weapons of fighting will be God’s word and what Jesus says about me. I need to speak affirmations over myself as well, to overcome this battle. Affirmations are used to affirm you and they support you emotionally. So with this definition, God’s word has become the titles I am now identifying with and affirming myself with.

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Practical ways to come out of the spell of self sabotaging titles.

One thing I have notice about our world is that there has to be an explanation for everything. Everything has to be labeled and of course this is a good thing in most cases but when we start given others titles in a controlling and in a mean spirited manner then this is where the issue begins. Some examples of the controlling and mean spirited titles are horoscope signs, introvert, extrovert, bridezilla, stupid, the town drunk, and of course the racial slurs. When these titles are either spoken to us or by us we can cause ourselves or the person to feel like that title is what we or they really are but that is not the case. There are so many cases where people have taken these types of titles from childhood into their adulthood.

Here are some ways that you can disassociate yourself from unwanted titles:

Retrace where those titles came from. When we are able to pinpoint exactly where those titles came from then we can understand when our mental foundation became unstable.

Dissecting the context of the moment when you started identifying with that title. Now that you are able to understand when and how you adopted those titles you can now looked at who said it and why it was said. This step is like looking at a box from every angle.

Decision time. This next step is where you can decide is this true. Does that title really identify with who you are? Now if you have said yes, another question to ask is do you want to continue to identify with that title? We do not have to stay imprisoned to something that we can walk away from.

Reaffirming yourself. If you have decide to dissociate yourself from that title then the next step is to speak over yourself words that you would want to represent you. Titles that you have no problem being associated with. The best place to find affirming words is God’s word, the bible. Not only is the bible filled with encouraging words but it is filled with truth.

Fulfilling your full potential.

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As I have mentioned earlier in this post about the dear one who decided to stay confined to a title which resulted in missed opportunities, I would like you to consider if that could be said of you. It is important to be real with yourself because it is yourself that has to live with your decisions. Don’t allow horoscopes signs, personality test, or any other form of unnecessary labeling stop you from reaching your full potential. There are so many people who did not allow mean spirited and controlling titles to stop them from becoming successful and you as well can be one of those people.

Thank you to everyone who joined today’s discussion. I hoped that today’s post has really challenged, inspired, and encouraged you. I have also create two awesome pintables to reminded you of how to overcome the power of a title and also some wonderful affirmations. The free downloads will be down below. Please remember to like 👍, share, subscribe, and comment down below. Enjoy the rest of your week and bye for now👋!


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