How to Overcome Boredom.

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Got Boredom?

I remember one day when I was in my kitchen. I was thinking to myself “I have nothing to do” then immediately a thought dropped into my head “you have plenty to do, you just don’t like your options”. When that thought came to me, my response was “well I can’t argue with that”. I believe that was the Lord interjecting the truth to help me understand that there is always something that I can be doing. I believe that some of the reasons why I would have those types of thoughts were due to me constantly looking at the lives of others. You know the Facebook pics, the Instagram post, or the Pinterest pins. No wonder I would look at my daily routines and options as nothing.

Mind Games.

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If we are honest with ourselves we can really see how vulnerable we are. Whatever we consistently give ourselves over to, eventually that thing will overtake us. This does not mean that there will always be positive implications, it just means that it will eventually make some type of impacted on you. Lately there has been varies news reports about how Covid-19 has impacted individuals. There has been reports of suicided and depression. I myself have went from weaning myself from YouTube to completely removing the app from my phone. I found myself having to let go of this platform because although it is not all the Youtubers but there is a notable amount of videos that are just plain morally wrong. Plus there is just to much confusion. Instead of the platform being informative it has become the perfect storm of psychology mind games. So now that I have decide to remove this app from my phone I have decide to seek other ways to simulate my mind with a more healthier approach.

Let Me Count The Ways.

There are so many ways to fill up our time in a healthy and rewarding manner that I just would not be able to jot them all down, but here are some awesome ideas to get you started:

Take a 30 day challenge.

Volunteer at a shelter.

Start a blog😉!

Write a book.

Go outside😜!

Start a garden.

Go on a hike.

Go for a bike ride.

Start excerising.

Challenge your brain with games.

Learn to crochet and knit.

Getting control over your thoughts.

It is time to take back our brains and what we deem as healthy thoughts. Boredom begins in the mind because our thoughts and definition of what is a fun and an exciting life has been influence by social media. The indirect messages from social media has such a strong influence on us that most of us are glued to our devices but the good news is we can take a stand. The above ideas are great ways to created a fun and exciting life for yourself. I believe the more we invest our time in what we can do and not focus anymore on what we can not do, we will then see just how much life really has to offer us. Maybe your thinking “how can crocheting or puzzles be exciting”? Well friend the point of the list is to bring you into a reality that is really obtainable. I don’t think that everything on social media is real and the reality is not everyone can afford those “lavish lifestyles”. So once again gain control over your mind, do what you are able to do, and get excited about living.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope that this conversation was inspiring, challenging, and encouraging! I have created free printable down below also. Please like👍, subscribe, comment, and share. Have a great week and bye for now!👋


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