Staying humble.

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Staying humble.

Staying humble. I think this is one of God’s greatest treasures that a person can find. In the bible there are many accounts where we are called to allow ourselves to be wronged or how we should return the evil that is committed against us with good and also we should allow God to fight our battles instead of us fighting for ourselves. In the bible in the book of Matthew the 5th chapter, Jesus gives varies ways of how we should stay meek and humble. Although these are indeed hard truths, I can testify to you that I have experienced the blessings that comes when I did things God’s way.

Encouragement that comes with weakness.

During my life thus far, I have experienced varies situations in which I had no ability to make certain things happen. I have been wronged. I have been placed in situations where the expression “between a rock and a hard place” would rightfully be said. I have also been the cause for issues to come into my life due to my ignorance. In everyone of these occasions I would finally have to hang my head and hands low and with a sad heart I would bring these issues to God. And like Psalm 34:4, I have received deliverance from my fears. During these hard times and in the mist of trials I have had people tell me “you’re not trying hard enough” or “you are just to comfortable” or “we are unable to help you”. But the truth was, that even though I was giving all my efforts to grab hold of my desire for change there were always walls that I just could not break down no matter how great my efforts were. In those hard moments I realized that I am indeed very weak and need help. And yes, God was the help that I needed. Now after years of facing different trails that I was to weak to overcome, which these trails would then led me to seek God’s help for another victory, I started to recognize a trend. Thus I realized that God’s strength comes in times of my weakness.

The reality of the state of mankind.

I have realized that God deals with us differently. Although my life feels sometimes limited due to my efforts being hindered, I believe that God wants to be the one to open doors and to win the victory overall, in all the areas of my life. So to anyone who feels hindered or have experienced the things that I have mentioned, perhaps God wants to take control over your life for the better. So be encouraged and bring all your troubles to God! So how do you stay humble? Well you have to understand just how weak you are. You have to come to the conclusion that if God does not open the door or move in that situation, then it just will not happen. Also in these moments I will again lay everything down with both hands wide open ready to give it all up. This helps me to never have a tight grip on anything because just like He gave it to me, He can also take it. It’s all His! And I notice when I finally get to this place He moves on my behalf.

The bitter sweetness of humility.

In those moments that I choose to lay it all down, there is a feeling of relief. I guess for me, although I do not want to let go I find relief when I can allow myself to get rid of my powerless efforts. In those moments I become as a small child who knows that Gods knows that He is my only hope. Also I would compare myself to a nomad walking about, ready to embrace the change of whatever God sees fit to bring into my life. So although I may in the beginning feel a bit bitter about my situation, when I lay everything down again, I am trusting Him with my life and thus the sweetness of surrender overtakes my anxious mind.

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So the conclusion of this conversation is that if you believe that what I have written is telling your same story then maybe you should consider my response in those situations. Now I am not saying that you will recieve the results that you have your mind set on. I am not saying that God will move in your timing either. What I am saying is God wants to delight in you and be a Father to you. Stay close to Him and get to know your Master and Savior. Also don’t allow your self to become discouraged and stay grateful for each day that you still have God’s breath in your lungs.

Thank you so much for joining today. I hope this conversation has challenged you, inspired you, and most of all encouraged you. Please also like👍, subscribe, comment, and share! Be blessed, have a beautiful day, and bye for now👋!


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