Know Your Worth.

Good Tuesday Morning Coffee everyone! I hope everyone is excited about another week. Spring is here and it is definitely lovely where I am. How is everyone enjoying the weather in your part of the world? Well enough about our beautiful weather for now. Hope you all have your favorite drink with you. Now lets jump into our new series called Hid In Christ shall we!

Do you know your worth?

Have you ever felt unimportant? I think we all can confess that upon the moment when we see someone who seems more endowed them us, whether it is in looks, intelligence, money, friends, or any type of other status we may feel that our own value is low. There are many times that I have down played my very existence due to comparing myself with those around me. Eventually God helped me realize that my life has meaning to and I do whatever I can to protect my mind from veering off into that depressing place again. So instead of dictating your worth by comparing yourself with others look to the one who created you for your value.

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The price of your life.

So how much is you worth? If you are a follower of Jesus Christ than you should know just how valuable your life is. You should know your cost goes way beyond money, rubies, diamonds, or gold. John 3:16 has been quoted a numerable amount of times and Matthew 6:25-34 gives us more insight of the mind of God toward us. The scriptures are laid out so we can have an accurate account of the truth and not become confused about our value. When Jesus came to heal the sick, open the blinded eyes, cause the lame to walk, set the captives free, and die for humanity’s sin this should cause us to feel such love toward Jesus and realize that every human being is loved and has value. If God was willing to take the form of a servant to die on the cross then we should reject any lie that would try to make us feel unimportant or not special.

The power that comes in knowing your worth.

When we know who we are and when we know where our value comes from then we can stand confident. There are so many people falling into so many traps because they are looking to be validated in some way no matter how dangerous it may become. When Jesus was in the wilderness fasting for 40days and 40nights (Matthew 4:1-11), he was very hungry and so the devil came to tempted Him on three occasions. We all know how emotional we can get when we are hungry😭😩😡 but Jesus stood firm and never loss focus. The reason why He was successful was because He knew the Word and He knew who he was. This is so powerful and so important why we need to read the scriptures so we can to stand firm and focus. This world is full of temptations as we all know, so allow the Word of God to dictate who you are.

In conclusion, let us consider how we identify what our value is. If you are confused about how valuable you are then I suggest looking to your Maker for the answer. The sooner you except His truth the better off you will be as well as confident. When we devalue ourselves, we will be faced with a myriad of mental issues and Satan’s temptations that are hard to challenge when you are standing on faulty ground and not the firm Rock of Jesus Christ. Don’t wait any longer, get your footing, and be confident!

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