Integrity: A must have characteristic.

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone! Welcome back to another Monday morning conversation! How is everyone doing this week. I hope all is well and if you are in need of some encouragement to get your week started off right then grab your favorite morning drink and lets get into the conversation.

Defining integrity.

Integrity is one of the characteristics that I believe will make you into a valuable person. I believe we are all valuable but our value can become hidden by our behaviors. When a person knows their value you can see it in their behavior. Integrity is something that I try my best to present in everything that I am doing. I must confess it is something that I truly strive for and it is something that I look for in others as well. What about you? Do you see the importance of integrity? Does integrity have a place in your life? Now integrity is not perfection but I liken integrity to the main ingredient of an action or presentation. The Merriam Webster online dictionary defines integrity like this: incorruptibility, it is the adherence to a moral code. Also it provides these synonymous: decency, goodness, honesty, morality, virtue, and righteousness.

Past experience with integrity.

As a child I became one of those children who really enjoyed cleaning the house (no I am not joking either😄). I never tried to cut any corners. I even would get on my hands and knees to clean the floor even though we had a mop. It was all for the sake of having the best outcome. So at that time I was operating in integrity because it was not just about making sure the house looked decent. It was about working in a manner that would produce the best and honest results no matter how long it took. When I became older I eventually started working as a nursing assistant and this is when I understood the importance of having integrity. Integrity goes beyond yourself, there are so many more people who are depended upon it. During my years working at that facility I made a personal commitment to include integrity into everything I did. Of course I was not perfect but perfection was not the point. It was about working from a morally right place. My heart was taking over and my actions were based on the wellbeing of those whom I served. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I can see how His life exhibited integrity and humility. He was not in any way swayed by anyone because He embraced integrity passionately without any apology (beautiful)!

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The benefit of having integrity.

Even though I did not received the best response towards the service I was providing. In the long run that taught me that my actions could not be predicated upon an outward reward but they had to be based on what was right. The benefit that comes with having integrity is that you are not easily moved because you know what is right. It is hard for anyone to speak ill of you when you live your life with this standard. Many times my enemies were shut down because their arguments were invalid and my actions spoke for themselves. When you walk an integrity you become changed and you see things differently. You will stop being a selfish person and seek to be the best citizen in your part of the world, your standards will help you go beyond yourself.

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How to walk in integrity.

As always it starts in the mind. Ask yourself questions like “Are you okay with doing things half way”? Or “Do you like the way you are treating others”? Challenge yourself. Start giving what you would like to see reciprocated back to you. (Everyone always the Chick-Fli-A service) Just do the right thing and do it from a pure place. The perfect way to start is in your own home when no one is watching. Instead of sweeping the dirt under the carpet do a VERY THOROUGH job instead. Even though your home may seem clean upon the first glance, could there still be signs that you did a half way job. Whatever you do in secret is bound to make it self public so try to be the same whether some one is watching or not watching. Of course I give all the credit and glory to God because He is the reason why I am even able to see the beauty and importance of walking in integrity. So this is my definition of integrity: whatever you are going to do, do it right. It is not about who will see you or who will know, it is about doing what is right period.

Thank you everyone for joining me for another Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hoped this conversation has inspired you, challenged you, and encouraged you! Also if you enjoyed this conversation please like 👍, subscribe, comment, and share! Have beautiful blessed day and bye for now👋!


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