You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Good Tuesday Morning Coffee everyone! How is everyone doing this Tuesday morning? I hope all is well with everyone. I wanted to give a quick but exciting announcement. I now have a podcast that is called Monday Morning Coffee. I would really love for everyone to listen in and thank you in advance. So now with that being said, we can now get into part two of our Hid In Christ series. So grab your drink and lets start the conversation!

Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Have you ever just thought to yourself how detailed you are? I mean just think about your limbs, your skin, your voice, and so on. In creation we can see so much beautiful detail. Even our universe was created with great attention to detail. Just think about the distance between each planet and how everything corporates with each other. There is order in everything. I think the most astounding part all creation is how in Genesis 1:26 “God says, let us make make man in our image, after our likeness”. That is mind blowing that we bear the image of God. This means that God was meticulous about our existence. So with that being mention do you realize just how amazing you are? Have you considered how meaningful your existence is?

God does not make mistakes.

I think it is important never to down play your worth. One of the reasons I believe why so many of us fall into sin is because we do down play our worth. When I was younger I was very gullible and I committed fornication many times. Then one day I went to a woman’s retreat where Jesus showed me mercy, hugged me, and reveal the truth about why I was stuck in that sin. After that day I have not done that sin again. One of the reasons way I would allow any kind of man into my life was because I did not know my worth. Now today I can easy shut down any man who does not know my value, easily without hesitation. I use my past sin as example because with many people who I know, fornication is a huge problem and a trap that so many fall into. Also we can apply today’s discussion in every area of our lives. Whether it is with friends, jobs, or family we should make sure that we are not down playing our beautiful worth.

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Showing God our gratitude.

When we are able to grab hold of Psalm 139:14 then we can have a better appreciation for God. After Jesus set me free I was and I am still so grateful. That sin was holding me back from appreciating God’s handy work in my life and with myself. Now I show my appreciation by loving God and treating myself with respect. Practical examples of how I do this are: Spending time with Him, healthy eating habits and exercising, protecting my mental health, and caring for my body and surroundings. Another way that I show my appreciation to God is by loving my neighbor. When God said let us make man in our image, we should be aware that he meant mankind. Also we are commanded to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. So I try to be encouraging, giving, and even patient when someone makes me upset.


Sometimes we can can go through life feeling like we have nothing to show for ourselves or our lives. This is why we need to stay in communication with our Creator. When we read the bible we will be reminded that every human being is precious to God. If you are struggling with your life or just with yourself, take sometime to just sit and talk to God, read his Word, and speak His word over self. It does not matter where you live in this world, your income, status, how you came to be or looks because Jesus died for every single soul. If you are human then you bare God’s image which trumps everything else. So be encouraged!

Thank you for joining me for Tuesday Morning Coffee. I hope this conversation has brought you some encouragement, inspired you, and challenged you. Please if you enjoyed the conversation like👍, subscribe, comment, and share down below and thank you! Enjoy the rest of your day and bye for now👋!


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