Feelings, should we always trust them?

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone! How is everyone doing this week. I hope everyone’s weekend was great. If you are unaware about last week’s announcement well I would happily repeat it again. Last week I started a new podcast called Monday Morning Coffee. Of course you may have guess it, that the podcast’s content will be based off my Monday Morning Coffee blog. So it is another and convenient way to be apart of the conversations on Mondays. So if you like the podcast experience I will have a link to the varies platforms that you can now listen in down below. Thank you for listening in advance😁😊! Now grab your favorite beverage and lets start the conversation!


So I have a love-hate relationship with my feelings. Sometimes they serve me well but other times they can lead me wrong. How about you? How is your relationship with your feelings? Do you think the same way I do or do you blindly follow these types of mental and emotional expressions? I am grateful for feelings and how they can make a celebration or everyday experiences very enjoyable with laughter. They can help us to be cautious by making us feel uneasy or nervous. During those dark moments in our lives they can bring a healthy release such as tears. So feelings are wonderful God given attributes that come along with the human experience. So what are the problem with feelings?

Should we always trust them?

Although feelings are very important to have, I believe they should not be the main method of our decision making. Many things can have an effect on us externally and internally. Our body and mind need a lot of attention. We do not only have a body but we have a soul as well. So we are not only physical creatures but we are spiritual as well. So with this perspective, our decisions have to based on a more reliable source. So lets look at the physical aspect first. The most noted change in our decisions or demeanor happens when we are hungry. We can start out happy and sweet😊😘but if we miss a meal or two we can easily end up like this 😩😒😡. The important part to take note of, is that depending on the person it does not even take 2 hours to become like this. So just imagine other external influences. PTSD, physical and mental abuse, the economy, and the current climate of the world and how they effect and will effect you mentally and emotionally.

As spiritual beings as well there are things behind the scenes that can effect the way we feel. If you are wondering do I believe in demons then the answer is a definite yes (I know from experience). When I use to work in a nursing home, there was this patient who was usually happy but one day when I came in he was very depressed and even wanted to go home and kill himself. I ended up having to sit with him that day. As I started asking him questions I found out that he was eating a lot of candy (I mean drawers full). Finally, half way through the day he started to feel better. That night when I was in my home going to sleep I felt something trying to suffocate me and I heard this thing breathing in my ear. After calling on the name of Jesus it finally left. That was a very upset demon who wanted that patient to kill himself. If you have read the bible then you would have read that there were many individuals whom Jesus cast demons out of. There was a man in the bible who had a legion of demons in him which cause him to behave like a lunatic. Jesus cast those demons out of him and allow the demons to go into a large amount of pigs. Upon them going into the pigs, the pigs run off a cleft and drowned🙁. So these are examples of how the spiritual realm can also effect your feelings and decisions.

A better source.

Over time I have learned to evaluate my feelings. I have become aware that they are so easily changed by the slightest of inconvenience. Maybe you are wondering the method of my evaluation. Well it is from the word of God and from the Holy Spirit. Many times I can become swiped away by a “good idea” and my feelings would make me feel like it is a “good idea”. From past experience I have learned that those moments were not always “good ideas”. A lot of these ideas are just based on our lust. Our body suits are not worrying about what is moral, safe, and healthy, our bodies just wants whatever will make it feel good. The word of God and His Spirit should help us with our decision making because they are based off of purity and truth. I consider this method to be the safest because I can compare “my notes” with “God’s notes”. If you believe that God is good then I would be lead to think that you believe the same about His word. God knew that we would face so many opposing forces and that is why he has given us the bible, His Spirit, the Church, and spiritual gifts.


So now that we have discussed so much about our feelings, I would like to ask you again. Feelings, should we always trust them? If your answer is yes then please allow me to ask you to consider the outcome of every occasion when you did follow them. If you always had great results then, Amazing! But if you would say otherwise then consider this. If You are a Christian then the bases of decisions should be on the wisdom of God. As followers of Jesus we are not called to follow our feelings but we are called to walk by faith. Feelings are wonderful but they should not control you. So my friend take the advice from the bible in the book of James (James 1:5) and seek God’s wisdom because He will graciously give it to you.

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I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.


  1. Wonderful sis and a Godly start to a higher ground. May the good Lord continued to refill and refresh your anointing in Jesus name. Amen.


    1. Thank you sister so much! I really appreciate you taking your time out to read my post! God bless you for this in Jesus Name! Thank you for your awesome prayers! Amen!


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