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In part five of the our Hid in Christ series I believe this is a very important topic. This can either be taken as a reminder or as a warning but no matter which way you take it, please take it seriously. This is a message that I wish I could have received a thorough and clear instruction on because I believe I suffered so much from not being prepared by it. No matter if you are a man or a woman in Christ, we all have sexual desires. Depending on the person these desires can be strong, normal, or not really a concern but no matter which category you may fall under you still have these desires. It seems for some Christians marriage is a constant prayer request that we have prayed to the Father for and have asked so many people to include our desire for marriage in their prayers on our behalf as well. There are so many people who I knew that were constantly bringing up their need for marriage (including myself) as if it was a need like an organ transplant. So why do we become so consumed with the need for marriage? Why have so many become depressed instead of enjoying in there relationship with Jesus?

Is it marriage or is it lust?

I believe we have to stop pretending that all we want to be is married when perhaps 90% of our reasoning is lust. If all we really wanted to be is just married then we need to ask ourselves (if this is you) why do I continue to commit fornication? As a follower of Jesus we are called to walk in truth but if you are lying to yourself in order to look like all you want is marriage but really all you want is sex than you are not walking in truth. I have shared a couple of times on my blog how “my desire” for marriage caused me to commit fornication many times but it was not until Jesus revealed the truth about my situation that I was then able to stop fornicating. So the first step that we have to tackle on our subject called Don’t Settle is that we have start from a truthful place.

Starting from the place of truth.

When I finally knew the truth about my sin than I was able to see things differently. My prayers changed and my conversations changed as well. Also I was able to see the potential traps that Satan was still trying to get me to fall into. So you see it is important to be real about what you really want and why you want it. If you continue to ask from a untruthful place I believe Satan will use those type of prayers to set you up for failure. In the book of James of Chapter 4:3, it tells us why we do not recieve what we are asking for which is because we only want that thing so we can consume it upon our lust. So when we ask the Lord to bless us with something but we still have not recieve it then maybe we should consider our motives for asking for that thing. God knows all things so when you do ask of course he can see right through you.

Another reason to start from the place of truth is because Satan is always going about seeking whom he can devour. Satan loves to take those vulnerable areas of your life to cause you to stumble and eventually be destroyed. Just look at the people who have married, divorced, and then married again and there are many people who have been married 3 or 4 times. It always blows my mind that these same people will always make statements like “look at God” or “the Lord brought us together”. Later when the marriage is over they will say “the Lord did not put us together” or “that person was from the devil”😂🤣😕🙄. Not only is that evident about where they are spiritually but it makes me question if they have heard from the Lord at all in that particular situation. So you see my friend we have to be aware of what our real motives are for wanting certain things.


Although sex and marriage is a wonderful thing it should never become an idol. Whenever we make something Lord over us, that thing or person will start to direct us. When sex or marriage becomes our Lord, our decisions will be based on how we can serve and apprehend these things but really it has apprehended us. I would like for you to to take this time out to really consider you motives for marriage. Really think about why you would want to be married and is this really God’s will for your life at this time. As a person who can testify to how great these desires can be I can also testify that there is more to life than sex and marriage. It is time to gain control over our lust and move on into the deeper things of God!

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation! Next week we will continue on this topic “Don’t Settle”. There really is a great need for us to further discuss this topic because it really is a stronghold for many. So please join me next week for the continuation on this subject. I hope everyone was inspired, challenged, and encouraged by today’s conversation😄! Also if you enjoyed today’s discussion then please like👍, subscribe, comment, and share. Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!

Kenya 💗

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