Facing Your Giants!

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone! I hope everyone is well and enjoying this brand new week. Now lets grab our favorite morning drink☕ and jump into some encouraging conservation🙂!

Disruptive thoughts.

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We all have had those disruptive thoughts, those undealt with past issues, and those unpleasant, unresolved painful past incidents which are all common things that we all have in common. If you are a human being then you would know all to well how we can be hurt by others and how we have hurt others as well. These painful memories seem to enjoy showing up during our quiet times and they can carry the same uncomfortable feelings that were felt during those actual uncomfortable moments. Some of these past hurtful moments could be from an argument, a childhood trauma, someone lying on you, discrimination, and the list can go on. We as humans beings have all been through maybe all the above which can pollute our minds and even try to sabotage our future.

The terrible consequences of unresolved hurts.

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I think everyone has kept hidden some of these hurtful things from our past within ourselves. We think to ourselves maybe one day I will be able to let this go or it is not necessary for me to deal with this pain or worse, I will just accepted the pain as my normal. Thus in all three scenarios we believe that there is no need for emotional healing. But that type of thinking is from our enemy Satan, who wants you to stay trapped in a terrible cycle and instead seeking to be healed he wants you to use his methods which will only manage your pain. His methods look like drinking, staying isolated, unforgiveness, food, technology, drugs, etc. Have you ever notice when you feel down the things you usually turn to are those things that will only provide temporary relief? I myself will confess that when I feel down sometimes I will look at TV or eat something to get my mind off certain things but I know that those are not going to make the issue disappear.

Jesus on the other hand wants us to come to Him for healing. There are so many things that Jesus came to do. In the bible, in the book Isaiah chapter 61, it tells us what Jesus came to do. He came with good news to give to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, to set the captives free, comfort those who mourn by giving them the garment of praise, and much more. There are so many things that Jesus did during His time on earth and He still is doing many things through His body (the Church). So if Jesus came to heal the sick, open the blind eyes, cause the deaf to hear, and cast demons out of many people who were bound physically and emotionally, then why would you think that the emotional pain from your past issues should be your norm.

Facing your giants.

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Sometimes it is hard for us to face those hard things but if you want to be set free from the mental torment then you have to face your GIANTS. Many of us just want Jesus to take all the pain away and sometimes he will but there are other times were he will put you in His spiritual boot camp and “say drop and give me 20 spiritual push ups”.

Jesus wants us to be mentally stable but spiritually strong as well. Remember how David in the bible stood against Goliath who was a giant. David was consider a young boy at the time put when he seen Goliath coming against God’s people, well lets just say someone lost their head. We have to be courageous like David and face our Giants as well. Another thing that we should consider is how did such a young boy become so courageous? Well when David kept his father’s sheep he had to face a loin and a bear. From those two experiences he knew God was able to keep him when he fought Goliath. But what we should also consider is what would give him such courage to take on even those wild beasts? Well it had to be something courageous happening in his mind. So you see our thoughts have to be dealt with. There is so much more at stake here than your occasional intruding thoughts. Jesus needs for us to learn to win the battle in our minds so we can become mature and move into more greater things.

So what will you chose?

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I believe we all have heard the famous quote from the book of Deuteronomy chapter 30:19 where Israel is given four options, life or death and blessing or curse. For those Israelites who may have still been on the fence of what was the right chose, well they are told to chose life😉. Even though that is an obvious answer to us, we should ask ourselves have I been choosing life? I don’t know about you but I want to see life in everything pertaining to me. Sometimes we may need a reminder of what is the right chose. So here is may version of Deuteronomy 30:19, Chose this day freedom from your past hurt or stay in a tormenting mental cycle and chose peace or continue to be visited by anger and anxiety. So maybe you are still on the fence about what to chose as well. Chose freedom and peace my friend!


I hope that you will take the road of freedom and peace. Maybe you are feeling uncomfortable about having to face your giants. Maybe you are feeling anxious and fearful about what might be the consequences. Well my friend those feelings are normal. Usually that is the response that we experience towards anything that is new to us or what will take us out of our comfort zone. God does not want us to allow our feelings to rule over us. He wants us to walk by faith. Remember when Peter walk on water. Well of course he could have kept his mouth shut but he didn’t. He even initiated the invitation for Jesus to bid him to come. That is a wonderful example of walking by faith and like Peter if you become fearful through your faith walk Jesus will be there to help you. So if you will like to be free from your mental giants, be like Peter and David and initiate the fight so you can overcome your giants.

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope this conversation inspired you, challenged you, but overall encouraged you. If you enjoyed this conversation then please like👍, subscribe, comment, and share! Have a beautiful blessed day and bye for now👋!


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