Don’t Settle (part 2)

Good Tuesday Morning Coffee lovely people 😊! I hope you all are well! Well if you are ready for some encouraging conversation then grab your favorite morning drink☕ and lets jump into part two of our Don’t Settle conversation from the Hid in Christ series.


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Last week our conversation was focused on marriage. Today we are going to focus on purity. So in our Christian walk another thing that Satan wants us to become is impure. He wants us to have impure thoughts which can direct our actions. This is why we have to be diligent and focus. Satan’s greatest weapon that he will always use against us is our thoughts. I once read a book called “The Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer. This book is very informative and she teaches on this topic wonderfully. One of the statements that she made in the book is “You have to think about what you are thinking about”. When I read that, it was very eye opening because we can sometimes have a mindset that “I just can’t help what I am thinking about” but we can. So once you understand this, then you will become more armed and aware of your enemy’s schemes.

Knowing how to possess your own body.

Once you have a better handle on your thought life then you can know how to keep yourself from inappropriate things. In the book of 1 Thessalonians 4:4 of the bible, we are told that we should know how to possess our bodies in sanctification and honor. Now that we are the children of the light we should start to take responsibility for our actions, the way we dress, how we speak, what we watch, and who we allow ourselves to be around. The reason why we have to take responsibility for these things is because we can be easy be influenced by so many things. It is true that you do have free will and if you want to dress and look at whatever you would like then the only one who can really stop you is yourself. God and others can warn you but it is still your decision but the whole reason why God saved through Jesus Christ is to break the power of sin off your life. So if you continue in the ways of the world then you will continue to leave a door open for the enemy. In order for us to walk in purity we have to close these doors and no longer be entertained in ways that dishonor our Lord.


Lastly but definitely not less, is my arch enemy. Fornication (but really it is Satan)! This was the hardest sin from my past which was so hard for me to overcome but by the grace of God, Jesus delivered me and set me free. In the book of 1 Corinthians 6:18-19 in the bible, it explains that this particular sin is not just a sin but it is a sin that we do against our own bodies. When you said yes to Jesus you also gave him your body like a wife or husband gives their body to their spouse. Our bodies are now the temple of the Holy Ghost. Fornication is one of the hardest things to overcome because God only intended for sex to be between a husband and wife. Through sex the two become one in the most intimate way and they will create a bond through this intimate act. So when you do this act with someone who is not our spouse you are creating a serious problem for yourself that will be very hard to overcome. Fornication is a very dangerous thing and although you can break up with that person the desire for sex is still there. This desire is very strong and this is why it is hard to stop fornicating.

So if you want to live in purity I encourage you to chose to abstain from even the very appearance of sin. I have learned that we really cannot believe that we can toy with sin. Sin is like an entity that if you given just a little attention it will try to overpower like in the book of Genesis 4:7 where God was warning Cain before he killed his brother Abel.

In Conclusion.

So my friend to recap, first things first, get control our your thought life so you can have control over your actions. Next you have to take responsibility for your personal choices. Remember that Jesus came to save you from your sin and give you a life that promotes Godly decisions. So like the saying goes “come as you are but don’t stay as you are”. Last but not least, flee fornication as if your life depended on it. Please do not play around with this or any type of sin for that matter because all sin will eventually led to death. So please don’t settle and chose purity!

Thank you wonderful people for joining me for today’s Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation! I believe this was a great part 2 to our Don’t Settle conversation which will be a great encouragement to many. So if you know anyone who could benefit from this conversation then please share. Also if you enjoyed this conversation please like👍, subscribe, and comment! Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!


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