11 Tips for Self Examination.

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Is it the enemy or our health.

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I think this is an important topic because I and others that I either know personally or have heard about have been confused by thinking that we are under attack by Satan when it really is just us neglecting our health. I think over time we become so focus on the spiritual matters that we would forget that our physical well being is just as important. I believe we should stay balanced and this is why we should do a self examination from time to time to make sure we are spiritually and physically healthy.

God’s expectations.

Our health is important to God. In the Old Testament of the bible God gave Israel specific instructions on what they could eat and what they could not eat. During the Old Testament the animals that they could eat were known as clean and the animals that they could not eat were known as unclean.

Now we are no longer under the law and Jesus spoke in Matthew 15:17-20 that whatever enters in the mouth does not defile you but it is what comes out of your heart that is defiling. So at that point Jesus is telling us what God sees as unclean, which are the sins that come from the inside of us.

In 1 Timothy 4:3-5 Paul explains how every creature of God is good and is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. So from these scriptures it is not what goes into our mouth that should be our main concern but it is the sin that comes from our hearts that we should be concerned about. With that being mention even though we have more options we should still be careful to not over indulge. We should not use our freedom in Christ as an excuse to not practice self discipline.

The prophet Elijah also was in need of some care from a physical perspective. In 1 Kings 19 it explains how after Elijah had a great victory against the prophets of Baal, Jezebel threaten his life. So Elijah went into the wilderness which took a day’s journey. When he got to a juniper tree he told God that he wanted to die. Now may be I could be wrong but maybe he was feeling like this because he was thirsty, hungry, and tired. This may be true because he ended up falling a sleep and then he was awaken by an angel who provided food and water for him. Then Elijah went back to sleep and then was awaken by an angel who had provided food and water again. Then he was strengthen and went on a 40 days and 40 nights journey to Mt. Horeb. So even after a great victory we can still become overwhelmed not because of the enemy but because of a lack of physical attention such as food, water, and rest.

Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.

It is important to have healthy self love. If we don’t love ourselves properly then we can have trouble loving our neighbor. When I do a self check on myself then I can be more aware of what others may need or what may be behind the problems or stress that they are dealing with. I have a wonderful friend who shared with me some time ago how she was feeling depressed. So together we examined her situation a bit more. The conclusion that we came to was she was not really depressed but over worked and needed more sleep. I was able to help her because I used to work an 8 hour shift as a nursing assistant who’s one way commute was an hour and fort-five minutes on a good day. So I knew from experience what she was really dealing with. Having balance in these situations will lead to clear diagnosis of your problem. If I was unbalanced then I could have took her situation as an attack from the enemy and I could have gotten my friend overwhelmed and more stress out in vain. So here are some important tips that we should be doing in order to maintain a balance in our lives:

Drinking plenty of water.

Making sure that your diet includes vegetables and fruits.


Get some sunshine.


Personal time alone.

Alone time with God.


Reading the bible.

Fellowshipping with other believers.

Worship and praise.

I am sure we can add more to the list but I just wanted to provide some ideas that I believe will be helpful. I think that if you want to be of any use to those around you then you have to make sure that you are making your mental, spiritual, and physical health a priority. If you are mentally stress all the time then it will be hard for you to help alleviate someone else’s stress. If you are not seeking God or not reading His word then how can you answer someone who needs help spiritually. If you are physically in bad shape then it will be hard for you to assists others who may need help physically. Every aspect about us is important so we have make sure we are being attentive to each one.

In Conclusion.

I know sometimes life can become very overwhelming but this is why it is wise to make self examinations your practice. With all the things that our world is experiencing we have to develop a system or practice that will help keep us grounded. If not then all the winds of the confusing news will blow us from one stressful place to another stressful place. So today I am challenging you to take some time out to access yourself to make sure that you are balanced. Make your sure that you are taking responsibility of your health and seeing things as they really are. Remember, take one day at a time and be blessed!

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