Renew Your Mind!

Good Tuesday Morning Coffee lovely people😊! I hope everyone is doing fine today and ready for another encouraging conversation. So if you are ready then grab something to drink☕🥤 and let the conversation begin.

New Beginnings.

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Today we are going to focus on how we should look at our new life in Christ Jesus. Many times when we begin our new life in Christ we can still struggle with the mindset that was before Jesus. So even though our sins are forgiven our flesh is not saved.

In the book of Romans chapter 7, Paul shares with us that although our conscious is clean before God there is still sin that dwells within us. So sin is always coming against our minds. This is way we must renew our minds with God’s word and by God’s Spirit.

Overcoming the flesh.

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I believe every Christians can testify that even though they were baptized in Jesus Name and filled the Holy Spirit there were still things that they had to overcome. Whether it is drinking, smoking, fornication, lying, and the list can go on, they still had to overcome these areas of the flesh. Maybe you may be wandering why am I still struggling with this sin after Jesus saved me. Well sometimes Jesus will deliver us from a sinful behavior but others times He wants us to learn how to fight as a Christian. When I was in the military I never thought that I would ever have to go fight in a war or go to Iraq. I thought I would just do my job as a Hospital Corpsman and then I would be done with the Navy after 4 years but after my unit received a visit from an Admiral I received a sobering wake up call. This wake up call caused me to face a reality that I really never thought about. As a Christian you to have now recieve your wake up call to the war that you have to fight. Before we came to Christ we are oblivious to how great our sinful behaviors were but after Christ we started to become more aware little by little as the Holy Spirit starts to point out certain things. When the Holy Spirit starts to show us things that we should stop doing, the Holy Spirit is renewing our minds as well.

In John 8:32, Jesus said “and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Until you become aware of your sinful behavior you will continue in it but after God reveals His truth to your about you sin you will them be able to overcome.

Renewing Your Mind.

As we continue to grow spiritually by spending time in prayer, reading the word of God, and fellowshipping with other believers we should start to notice a change. This change is very important for the maturing believer because God does not want us to stay the same. In Romans 12:2, we are instructed that we should no longer be conformed to the patterns of this world but instead we should be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We have to be able to discern the perfect will of God. So even though we came to Christ one way God wants us to be changed for His glory. As a believer in Jesus Christ I now hope you can see the importance of the renewed mind. Remember we are not just representing ourselves but we are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. We are now the children of the light in a world full of darkness so continue to stay close to Jesus, read His word, allow the Holy Spirit to change you, and you will have your mind changed for His Glory!……and Remember, take one day at a time and be blessed!

Thank you for joining me for today’s Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you enjoyed the discussion as well as having been inspired, challenged, and encouraged. If you found this conversation to be your type of coffee then please like👍, subscribe, comment, and share down below. Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!

Kenya 💗

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