Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone😀! I hope everyone is well and everyone had a beautiful weekend! Before we began our conversation I would like to share some wonderful news🥳! My daughter graduated from High School this pass Friday👏. I am so proud and honored to be her Mother. I am also grateful to God Almighty for blessing with a daughter such as her and for the opportunity to be in trusted with such a huge responsibility🙏. Now if you are ready for some encouraging Conversation then grab your morning drink ☕️ and let’s start the conversation.

My prayer time.

For today’s conversation I would like to talk about one of God’s names, Jehovah. Last week as I was praying I was asking God to help a particular person to trust Him and give this person peace of mind during the situation that he and his family was going through. As I was praying a started thinking about God and Israel’s relationship in the wilderness and about my own situation as well. Then this prayer came to my mind “that we would receive the grace that God provides for each moment”. When that prayer came to my mind I received it not only for the man and his family whom I was praying for but I received it for myself as well. You see this family and my situation is a bit similar because we are both facing situations that we do not have control over. I believe we all have faced situations that are just beyond us. Our strength, knowledge, skills, or speech is just not enough to make that mountain move. In these situations whether they may be for a short moment or a season I believe this is when God wants us to know Him as Jehovah.


As I continued in prayer so many thoughts started to fill my mind and I believe God was helping me to see the type of season I am currently in. Right now in my life no matter what I try to do I am limited. Have you ever had ideas and dreams that you have worked so hard on but no matter with all your efforts they just cannot come to life or maybe you have done all the work but there is no fruit. Well this is me right now. Sometimes I will become distressed or worried because what I am trying to do is a very needful thing but doors continue to close or I am not given opportunities that I believe I need. This needful thing is a job and even though I have some income it is not enough but as I was praying I realized that all my needs were still being met. At that moment my real problem was not the extra income I was praying for but it is the lack of trust in God that I was having.

In the book of Exodus chapter 6:1-3, God Almighty has told Moses that He was going to take Israel and drive them out of the land of Egypt with a strong hand. He told Moses that Jacob knew him as God Almighty but by His name Jehovah he was going to deliver them out of Egypt. Jehovah means I am the Lord and by this name He was going to lead Israel. Now if you have heard or read how God rescue Israel then you would know as they journeyed they were faced with the Red Sea. In Exodus 13, when the heart of Pharaoh was harden by God again, he pursued after Israel. So Israel was between Pharaoh’s Army and the Red Sea but God brought them that way in order to destroy the Egyptians and save Israel. After the defeat of the Egyptians, Israel was led into the wilderness.

During that time in the book of Exodus Ch. 16:4, The Lord said in short that He would provide heavenly bread for them and each person should only gather a certain amount. He did this to prove them, to see if they would obey His laws. From this point on the people had to unlearn the way of bondage and learn how to rely on the Lord for everything and this is were I am starting to understand where I am in my life today.

As I continued to pray this thought came to me ”Yes Jesus is Lord but is your Lord”? When we are faced with situations that are out of our control do we become frantic or do we trust that God is Jehovah? As humans, it is hard to let go of our will and allow God to be Lord. It is difficult to be still and to wait on the salvation of the Lord but this is what God is after. Like the Israelites God wants us to look to him for our needs and to replace our pride with humility. You see it is hard to go from your own way (which is turning to yourself) to now waiting on God. Another thing that I notice in this season is all my efforts to save has been unsuccessful. Like Israel when God provided bread they were told that they were to gather it at a daily rate but some of course gather more than needed. The extra that they gather began to stink and produce worms. How interesting that the bread would go bad when not used as God had commanded. Of course the action of those who did this was a clear case of disobedience but it also showed a lack of trust. These people still we’re depending on self by trying to save with a “just in guess mindset”. I think the number one reason why this is such a hard and scary place to be is because you have to truly abandon yourself, your logic, the world’s opinion, and your pride. In this place it reminds me of Peter walking on water to Jesus. If we are going to be successful in these moments or seasons then we are going to have to keep our eyes on Jesus the whole time.

Another thought that came to me is that you only can do what you can do. This thought helps me to allow myself to relax and to not put so much pressure on myself. As adults who have at once managed our own lives and now we may have to receive help from others, this can be frustrating but this it is time to be patient with not only yourself but the process. Overall God is Sovereign, He knows all, and sees all.

So in conclusion, if you have found yourself in this situation whether for a short moment or in a prolonged amount of time then perhaps you need to learn to wait on God and trust Him to see you through. Although this would put you in a vulnerable position, God really loves you and wants to be Lord over your life. If God allows you to come to a place where things just look impossible or the solution is unknown then it is time to meet Jehovah, the one who parted the Rea Sea for Israel. He is truly the way maker…..So remember, take one day at a time and be blessed!

Thank you so much for joining today Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope this conversation has inspired you, challenged you, but above all encouraged you. If you enjoyed today’s conversation please 👍🏾 like, subscribe, comment, and share. Have a beautiful blessed day and bye 👋 for now!

Kenya ❤️

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I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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