Isolated Incidents

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone😊! I hope everyone is doing amazing! Well if your are ready for another encouraging conversation then grab your favorite morning drink☕ and let’s get into the conversation!

Different personalities.

In today’s conversation I would like for us to talk about how to deal with people or situations that may rub us the wrong way. So far in my life I have meet many people. Since both my parents and I were in the military and as well as my time working in a nursing home for almost 14 years I have had my share of meeting many people.

As you meet new people you eventually get to know their personalities which of course some maybe pleasant, some not so pleasant, and then there are those who you have to just ask God to give you the strength. Over time though I have learned to deal with those personalities that are not easy to get along with, which I call the “Isolated Incident”.

Isolated Incident.

So let me explain further of what an isolated incident is. An isolated incident refers to those encounters which really are a reflection of the other person’s bad behavior and not of yourself. What I learned over time is that people are who they are and if you want to keep your peace then you can not pick every battle. So I eventually learned how to separate my feelings from someone else’s disagreeable nature by properly evaluating those hard encounters in order to properly categorized them. When I use to work as a nursing assistant I had to work with certain individuals in a up and close setting. After a while, I started to notice how me and my coworkers reacted to disrespectful people and the changes that were happening at the workplace. Eventually I had to learn how to see things differently if I was going to continue to work in that position. As time went by though I thank God for helping me to put things into a proper perspective so I could discontinue taking everything so personal.

Is it me or is it them?

So maybe you may be asking the question of “how does someone categorized these encounters”? Well the question that you could really be asking is “what are the variables that you should be considering”? It is important to look at the person as a whole person and not just the bad comment and the present situation. There are many variables that we should take into consideration such as their race, culture, gender, beliefs, and background. All these aspects make up the person and they influence their personality.

When we look beyond the moment and chose to evaluate the whole person then we can properly categorized certain behaviors. You will be less prone to become irritated or angry because you have a better understanding. Your patients and peace will be able to stand firm. Thus you will be able to categorized from a proper perspective which you will less likely in most cases take everything so personal and see them as a isolated incident. For the most part, those whose behavior that we dim unnecessary and intolerable has nothing really to do with us but it is the other person and what they perceive, and their perception.

Mimicking Jesus!

The other night as I was praying and asking God to help me with today’s podcast and blog I start to think about how Jesus came and died for humanity. Jesus experience so much evil against Him but He did not allow others to change who he really was. Despite humanity hating Him, He loved us as He was hanging on the cross.

In Matthew 5:38-48, Jesus tells us basically to love your enemies and to do good to those who hate you. When we do these things then we will be like our Father in heaven. Like Jesus, it is important to see things from a proper perspective. We must react in a spiritual mature way and not like little children who would go tick for tack. Another person’s bad behavior should not cause us to go back to our “default setting” but it should cause us to view others as Jesus did. When we learn to categorized annoying moments cause by other human beings as isolated incidents then we can still love and be patient with them like Jesus is with us.

In Conclusion.

So in conclusion I hope that this has helped you to consider and see things properly. Now that we have more insight on things that we should start to take into account we are able to keep our peace and be patient. Remember, each person carries with them their history, genetic makeup, beliefs, and many other influences as well. Although in the beginning you may find it hard but over time and help from the Lord you will reap the benefits from this new mindset. So remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged.

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation. As always I hope you were blessed by the discussion as well as inspired, challenged, and especially encouraged. Please share, like👍, subscribe, and comment. Have a beautiful blessed day and bye for now👋!

Kenya 💗

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