Fight the Good Fight of Faith.

Happy Tuesday Morning Coffee to all! Welcome to another encouraging conversation of part 7 of our Hid in Christ series. So grab your favorite morning drink and let’s get into the conversation!

Choose you battles.

Today’s conversation is about fighting to keep the faith. So, first just let me point out something. There is a saying that we may all have heard that goes like this “learn to choose your battles”. Maybe you have heard this saying worded differently but you get what I am trying to convey. This saying would mean that every battle should not be fought and every debate does not need to entertained. What 1 Timothy 6:12 says though, is that we are to fight the Good fight of faith. The bible is not just filled with aimless words but it is the inspired words of God. It is filled with divine knowledge, wisdom, and instruction. So when it says fight the Good fight of faith that means that fighting for our faith is a good thing.

You see it. Our nation, our world, is currently experiencing various battles but are they all considered good. Maybe you have join this world’s battle unawares and have at the same time abandon the battlefield of your faith. Well allow this message to serve you as a reminder.


As time goes by and as the world continues to try to make itself louder and louder we can become tempted to consider its arguments. The personal issues, political stances, or the latest technology can cause us to abandon our post. These things in my opinion are not the real issue though, the real problem is when we start to forget that we are no longer of this world. When these things cause us to make the causes of the world greater than the cause of Christ then “Houston we have a problem”. This is way we have to be always discerning. I try to share wisdom with my daughter from time to time. One example that I gave her was we have to look at the conversations of this world like food on a plate. There are various choices that those who are serving these delicacies do there best to entice you so you can eat it but it would be best for you to not even touch it. Just like Eve who was tricked by the serpent, Satan knows how to use a conversation in order to trapped you. We have to continue to stay close to Jesus in order to be discerning so we can know what is from God and what is not. Yes Jesus wants to bless you but don’t forget Satan was to deceive you.

Dress for success.

Now another popular saying that we have all heard of is the “dress for success” saying. This is a great saying because I think there is wisdom to be found here. Many of us understand how we should prepare for a job interview. It would be unwise to show up in pajamas with no resume and so the saying could be applied to the Christian walk. Like any good soldier we have be dressed and armed. The book of Ephesians 6:11 tells us to put the Whole armour of God on in order to be able to stand against the wiles or devious stratagems of the devil. See we are in a dark world where Satan for the most part is in control and that control comes with many evil schemes to keep many people in bondage to sin.

That is why you can not afford to contemplate the conversations of the world but your conversation is now in heaven. All it takes is for Satan to peek our interest in order to get you consider his opinion which will cause you to question God. So be careful to whom you are listening to.

In Conclusion.

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So my brethren if you are unaware of a battle for your soul then allow me to introduce you to this truth. For many of us, when we first come to Christ, we are unaware that when you do get saved the battle is not over but in fact it is just beginning. Sister and brothers this is why we still have those sins that we may still be struggling with. Like I mention many other times about how Jesus set me free from the sin of fornication, that was not at the beginning of my walk with Jesus. This walk involves intentionality, focus, and the denying of the flesh. Your mindset has to be renew. Relationships may have to come to an end. So what all this means is there is work that needs to be done. So even though this may be a wakeup call to some, please decide to take your place in the Army of the Lord who is on your side and don’t forget the rest of the brethren right along side with. So remember take it one day at a time and stay encouraged.

Thank you for joining for today’s Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you enjoyed today’s discussion. If this has blessed you and you may know of someone who may be blessed by this then please share. Also please likeđź‘Ť, subscribe, and comment down below. Have a beautiful blessed day and bye for nowđź‘‹!

Kenya đź’—

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