The Power of Consistency

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The power of consistency.

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For today’s conversation I would like for us to discuss the importance of being consistent. So first I would like to read to you what the online Merrian Webster Dictionary’s definition is for the word consistent. It is define as being “marked by steady continuity or free from contradiction or variation” ( So this would mean that a person or thing would be consistent when there is a predicable behavior or that person is always doing particular thing in the same manner. I believe that being consistent is vital in many cases because for the most part our very existence is depended upon it. The way the universe functions in a consistent manner has kept every aspect of existence stable and everything that has breath alive. So consistency is powerful.


As I was thinking of everyday life for the human experience whether it is at the work place, in our families, or relationships we really need consistency to help us thrive. When I used to work as a nursing assistant the patients who I took care of relied on me so I tried to provide great consistent care. I believe there are many people looking for a consistent point of reference. A place where we can recieve something that is real, something with integrity, a place where we can find hope in our day, in our week, or for the moment. One reason why I started my blog is because I enjoy sharing the things that God has spoken through me to encouraged those who He placed in my path and the things that have encouraged me as well. As time has passed though, I hope to be consistent with my blog and podcast because I want these platforms to be a place where others can find reliable encouragement. Now I am not saying that my blog or podcast should become another’s source of strength but these platforms could be seen as a friend who just wanted to remind you of the one who is constant and consistent which is Jesus!

Consistency in a inconsistent world.

The power of consistency is a vital life line to many who are struggling in a world full of inconsistent news. Those in authority and others continue to promote confusion with their breaking news and conspiracy theories. Like anyone else I enjoy listening to podcast, youtubers, and music that consistently help me when I need encouragement but as I pondered these individuals who used these platforms to promote a Godly mindset I began to think am I taken hold of the power of consistency? Although it is wonderful to have others pour out Godly encouragement on a daily basis, we should make sure that we are consistently going to the source for encouragement. Sometimes we can rely on others to be consistent so we can get what we need but we ourselves should be consistent. Consistently seeking God for ourselves is the only way we are going to really get what we really need to satisfy our souls. Sometimes we may not even know what we may need but during our pray time with God could open our eyes to issues and provide answers and healing. So today I am inviting you to join me on a 30 Day Power of Consistency Challenge. During the 30 Day challenge we will be taking time out each day to seek God every day consistently.

30 Day Power of Consistency Challenge.

The details of this challenge consist of seeking God at the same time in the same place for at least an hour. The reason why for these specifications is to help us get to a point where our hearts become more sensitive to the Lord. Also having a set time in the same place could help us to be mentally prepare to enter into God’s presence. If you are like me, many times I am still thinking about so many other issues of that day that it is hard for me to stay focus while praying sometimes. Also, the reason for the hour is because in the garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus was praying He went to the Peter, one of His disciplines and said “What, could ye not watch with me one hour”? (Matthew 26:40-41) Now I am not saying Jesus was instructing us to always pray for an hour but I believe we could gain so much during this time instead of trying to do a quick pray this will help us to be intentional about our time with Jesus. It is like going on a date in which you would not be so quick to rush through your time with the other person. So how much more with Jesus, the Lover of your soul.


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Now here are some ways that you can prepare for each day during this challenge:

You could listen to Godly podcast, worship and praise music, and sermons that will help you stay sensitive to God and excited about your times of prayer. I am currently enjoying Nathaniel Bassey and Ty Bello who are both gospel artist.

Read devotionals. I am currently reading Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon.

Mediate on God and His word.

Talk to God throughout your day.

Read Godly books. Two great books I enjoyed are: A Pilgrim’s Progress and The Practice of the Presence of God.

Here are some practical tips:

Establish your set time and place. So every time you come into that place at that time you will mentally be ready and focused.

Set up your space before you start your pray time. Make sure that you have everything you need there so you can easily get to items like your bible and journals.

Set the mood before you start your prayer time. I prepare my space by lighting a couple of candles and putting on worship music.

What to do during this your prayer time.

During your prayer time some awesome things that you could be doing is of course praying, you can sing and dance unto the lord, read the bible, journal your thoughts, or just sit quietly before the Lord.

In Conclusion.

So in conclusion although I enjoy challenges from time to time but my overall reason behind this challenge is to pursue intimacy with Jesus. The book of Matthew 7:22-23, Jesus tell those who say to Him “Lord have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils”? But Jesus will then turn to then and say depart from me, I never knew you. That is so scary to live you whole life thinking that the things done on the outside for all to see did not benefit your relationship. All the external things mislead you and had you thinking that you we were cool with Jesus when in fact you never spent any real time with Him. So my desire is intimacy and I want that for you too. So please join me starting June 5 through July 5 for this awesome 30 Day Power of Consistency Challenge. This challenge is between you and the Lord but you are welcome to share any of your wonderful experiences along the way. I will have an awesome printout that will serve as a reminder. I hope you will join me for this coming month for this challenge. So, remember, take one day at a time and stay encouraged.

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you will join me for this awesome challenge and share any wonderful experiences along the way. Remember there is no small or big experiences here because everything God does in your life is a blessing. So if you enjoyed today’s conversation and you think someone would benefit or enjoy it then please share. Also please like👍, comment, and subscribe down below. Have a beautiful blessed day and bye for now👋!

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