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Happy Tuesday Morning Coffee everyone😊! I hope you all are ready for another encouraging conversation. If so, then grab something to drink☕ and let’s get into the conversation.


For today’s conversation I wanted to share a bonus discussion that can be a great addition to the Hid in Christ series. I think comprise is the doorway that leads us down the slippery slope of committing sin. Many times we allow things that we know could have negative repercussions to slide. I liken this behavior to a foolish person taking a loin as a pet fully knowing how dangerous these animals are. Have you ever wonder what these people may be thinking? Well we can at least know that they are not thinking wisely. Like the nature and power of a wild animal we have to respect the nature and power of sin. We can not make the mistake of thinking we can handle it because with sin all it takes is one wrong move and your life could be forever changed in a negative way.

Your responsibility!

I think that most new Christian make the mistake of thinking that God is just going to do All the work. And yes, Jesus and the Holy Spirit has done the work of salvation but we still have to bear our cross and deny ourselves daily. It is irresponsible to not make sure that we are doing our part by ignoring the warning signs that God gives us whether through a person, His Spirit, or from His word and thus we make the sanctification process longer. An example of this could be that you are a woman who God has delivered from fornication but because you believe you are above that temptation you allow a man to live in one of your rooms in your home who you find attractive, all for the sake of helping a friend. In these cases we may have the right intentions but can the same be said of the man. This example is some what like my story. I thought I was doing something noble but I did not use wisdom or common sense. Eventually opposites started to attract and I ended up in fornication again. Now although God had renewed by mind and forgave for that sin, it is something that the devil likes to remind me of from time to time even though this was over 6 years ago. This is one of the reasons for this discussion because we have a adversary who loves to accuse you and I do not want that for you.

A clean conscious.

It is very important to walk wisely. Our relationship with God should stem from a clean conscience which leads to much confidence with God. When we have sinned, it makes can be hard to navigate through the memories of sin and pray because the sin can still weigh heavy on your conscience even though God forgave you. If you ever enjoyed scary movies like Aliens, Freddy Cougar, or and any other horror movie then you know that years later after you decided to stop looking at those movies, there still are crazy scenes that will just pop up in your head from out of no where.

So this is my point “don’t start nothing and won’t be nothing”. I know that we are not going to just completely stop sinning because we are still in the flesh but there are things that still can be avoided if we do all that we can to protect our relationship with Jesus.

Really check.

After Jesus forgave me and empowered me so I would not fall into that sin again, I learned that I have to be more responsible about my choices. I learned that you have to protect your relationship with Jesus from everybody.

That means that even with your family and friends you have to understand that they are fallen creatures as well. In Matthew 10:16, Jesus tells His disciples to be wise as serpents but innocent as doves. Also in John 2:24, it says that Jesus did not entrust Himself to them, because he knew all people. So basically we can not be naive, we have to keep in mind that people are people. Yes, we should love people but we have to still use that wonderful gift called “no” when needed. Maybe you may think this is harsh but it really is just the reality of protecting your relationship with the Lord. Everybody does not think like you or want Jesus, so this should urge you to consider what has been noted here in today’s conversation.

In Conclusion.

So this is to conclude the Hid in Christ series. The Hid in Christ series is based off my personal journey as a Christian. My hopes is that many people will benefit from it and avoid some of the traps that Satan continues to set. Maybe you may feel like there is a lot more than you knew to consider as a follower of Jesus Christ, well it is but God does not expect you to get everything right in beginning because through your walk He is changing you little by little. So, remember take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you as always for joining me in today’s Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you were blessed, inspired, challenged, and encouraged by the discussion. If your enjoyed today’s conversation then please like👍, share, comment, and subscribe down below. Thank you again. Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!

Kenya 💗

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