The Gift of Patience.

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone😊! Welcome again to another week and to another encouraging conversation. So if you are ready then grab your favorite morning drink☕ and let’s start the conversation.

The work of patience.

In today’s conversation I would like to discuss patience from the book of James 1:4. This conversation is dedicated to those who are struggling in the area of waiting for change to come into you lives. In the book of James 1:4 it says that we should allow patience to have its perfect work so we can be perfect and entire, wanting or lacking nothing. From this text I gather that patience is what we need if we want to enter into new seasons fully equipped. Sometimes we can become very frustrated with waiting because it can feel like a very long time but perhaps it is the sovereignty of God and His mercy that is in action in our lives today. As I was reading the mention scripture I realized that patience, waiting, or time is God’s method of giving us an opportunity that we should take advantage of so we can be capable of handling what God’s promise are to you and the answers to our prayers. Whether it may be knowledge, a skill, character building, or submitting more to God’s leadership it is all for our good.

All things are working together.

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Now I would like to share a short story about God’s sovereignty working in my daughter’s life. My daughter loves to draw and has taught herself how to use computer graphics. She does so well that my parents brought her the Microsoft Surface Studio for her graduation gift which was very expensive but that is just how creative she is. So we can see just how much she enjoys computer graphics but when she was in the 11th grade she was giving a chose to pick what elective she wanted to take. Of course she chose computer graphics but instead she was put in a photo shop class. This happen to her twice which felt frustrating. One day when I pick her up from the class she told me that she was enjoying the class now and that she was learning so much. So I told her that maybe this was from God. Fast forward my daughter is a senior and spring break was around the corner so one day while my dad was picking up some pictures from a local photographer I asked my dad to ask the photographer if she needed help. Now fast forward into today my daughter works there and has been working with her even before she was done with high school and my daughter totally loves the work.

So you see, along the way of time, patience, and waiting it can feel very discouraging because our thinking is that nothing is going right but perhaps we should consider that may be it is all part of God’s perfect plan. Just like Joseph who had a dream which basically showed him that his family would one day bow to him, he was placed in situations that did not seem to align with his dreams. Yes, the dream was from God but along the way he face seemingly detours but in fact he was led right where he would eventually see his dreams come true. In the book of James 1:2 it tells us that instead of being down about our trails of life we should really be joyful because this is where our faith is being tested and patience is working perfection in us. So don’t become frustrated with the detours of life, instead learn to trust God through the overall journey because it will lead you to where God wants to take you.

In Conclusion.

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So in conclusion, I want to say no matter what, chose joy everyday. Even though your life may seem like it is going no where, it is actually God’s perfect path for you. Sometimes it may feel like God has abandon you but He has not. He is guiding you along the way and then one day you will understand like Joseph that God was behind it all. Trust the sovereignty of God and remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord.

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