Titus 2, Mothers!

Good Tuesday Morning Coffee everyone😊! I hope all is well and everyone is ready for another encouraging conversation. If so, then get that morning drink☕ and let’s get into the discussion.

Becometh Holiness!

In today’s conversation I would like for us to discuss the importance of children seeing order in the home. Today’s conversation will be part one of a series called Titus 2 where we will discuss the importance of the instructions that come from the following verses. Today’s discussion will be from a mother’s point of view in the book Titus 2:3-5. In these verses we are instructed that our behavior should becometh holiness, not to accuse anyone falsely, not being a drunkard but sober, to love your husbands and children, to be discreet, to maintain your homes, and to be submissive to your husbands. The reason for this is to keep God’s word from being blasphemed. I have known other women who have professed to be Christians but their conducted has become a reproach to the word of God because instead of their behavior and words honoring God their actions caused people to not reverence Him. Have you ever meet people like that who professed to be children of God but their actions clearly show that they are actually embracing sin? Maybe you looked up to these same people as great examples in the faith but when you see how they are not really living what they were professing it made you perhaps sad or sick inside. Maybe you started to rethink a lot of what you thought about God. I know I have been there and it felt very hurtful. So as Christian mothers who are raising children to follow Jesus, we can agree with the scripture that our behavior should becometh holiness.

Value Your Role!

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As mothers it is important that we do our part to ensure that there is order in our home. Our role is very crucial. I remember when my daughter was perhaps a month old. My cousin came to visit me and ask me to go to the club with her (this before my relationship with Jesus) and I told her no. My thought at that time in my life was that I can not do those things because I am a mother with plenty to do. As a single mother, even though I had to work, I made sure that the home was clean, I made sure she was feed, had clean clothes, loved on her greatly, taught her God’s word, and how to do self care. Even though all those things are wonderful when we do them, consistency is the key if we want these principles to impact them.

The Blessing and Opportunity!

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So the point I want to make in today’s discussion is that much of what we do in front of our children can draw them closer to the Lord or maybe deter them. We are given the opportunity to make a huge impression on their lives. Please recognize just how valuable your influence is in the lives of your children. I know there are so many mommas out there how feel that their lives don’t have value because all you see is the laundry to do, the home to clean, and the children that you need to tend to but it is actually a huge blessing and opportunity. As a single mother I wish that I could been a stay at home mom but that was not my case. You on the other hand have the ability to monitor closely who and what is influencing your child. Really those things that you may be devaluing like cleaning a home, cooking, and spending time with your children are really impacting your family in an amazing way. You are setting the tone with a declutter home that smells awesome from the food that you are cooking. This type of home is setting the atmosphere for order.

In Conclusion.

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In conclusion, as a mother please recognize how valuable you are. Please don’t be like the many women who still think that life has now stop because your work day does not look impressive to you because it is. Remember each child is a gift from God and there are so many women who desire to have their own children. Everything you do unto the Lord carries so much power, so do everything with excellence. So remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining me for today Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope that you were blessed, inspired, challenged, and encouraged. Please if you were blessed by this conversation, like👍, subscribe, share, and comment down below. Thank you again! Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!

Kenya 💗

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