Appreciating Each Moment!

Good Tuesday Morning Coffee everyone😊! I hope your week is continuing to be blessed. So if you are ready for some encouragement, then get something yummy to drink☕ and let’s get into today’s discussion.


In today’s conversation I would like to discuss being appreciative in every moment as a parent. As a mother of a young women now, I sometimes miss when my duaghter was a baby or when she was a toddler. It was fun as a parent getting to see how my daughter became excited about things that I already knew. It was like seeing those things for the first time through her all over again. When children are given to us by God, they bring so much life that is exciting, fun, and beautiful. As time went by I was committed to be careful not to wish away any of the moments, even those trying times where discipline was needed. Instead I tried to look at each moment as opportunity to enjoy her or a lesson to learn that God was teaching me through those hard moments. Now that she is 18 years old I am grateful that I was intentional about embracing parenthood and being able to see that being a mother is a blessing that many others have not had the opportunity to recieve or even regret not having children by choice.

No Regrets.

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So are you embracing each moment? Like I said before there are many who regret not having children by choice. When I work at a nursing home I remember a older woman telling me that she wish she had children. I also remember those individuals who had children but their children never came to visit. In both case these older men and women now live in regret because of the past choices that they have made. The lesson that we can learn here is that we have to make each moment count because we will reap what we sow. Some younger people are so quick to embrace the party scene instead of embracing the role of the parent but little do they know that time continues to go by and so does opportunities. This is way we have to chose to appreciate what and who God has given to us. God knows our future and everything that He brings to us has a purpose. Just like everything in life, if we do not take good care of what we have, eventually problems will show up. So be mindful the children do grow up, so take care to love and nurture them.

Adventure Time.

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Finally, make sure you are seeing parenthood as being fun. I have heard those stories of parents raising there children as if they are in boot camp. It should not be like this. Raising children should be fun with many adventures along the way. Perhaps God gave you children help you to learn to lighten up or learn to embrace life. I think one of the most ridicules things I have notice is how parents are so focus on a clean house to the point that they rather have a clean home rather than live in the home. I believe for those people God wants you to break out of that nonsense. I for one enjoy having my space look clean and tidy but I also understand a home should be a place where people can enjoy themselves and others. That’s my rant for today 😂🤣😁! Maybe you are one of those parents who believe children should be seen and not heard. For these types of people it is like they forgot that they were once children before, who have feelings and a brain as well. Please remember that although you are the parent your children should feel comfortable around you. They should feel loved and important so when they become older the relationship between parent and grown up children should not feel strained.


So in conclusion, appreciate your children. See being a parent as the blessing from the Lord that it is. Keep in mind that there are so many people who live their last days regretting what could have been. Even if your children go down a path that you did not lead them down, at least you know that you did your best. Maybe this blog is helping you to realize that you may need to change some things about your perception but you feel like it is to late. No my friend it is not to late to change. First off we all make mistakes but the important thing is that you don’t continue in them. My advice that I give to you is that you give your mistakes to God and seek Him to help you overcome. Never give up! So with that, remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining me for today’s Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you were blessed, encouraged, inspired, and challenged by today’s discussion. If you enjoyed the conversation then please like👍, comment, share, and subscribe down below. Thank you again! Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!


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