Overcome So Others Can Overcome.

Good Monday Morning Coffee conversation everyone😊! Welcome to another encouraging conversation to get your day and week started on the right foot. So if you are ready, grab something to drink☕ and let’s get the conversation started.

Are you an overcomer?

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For today’s conversation I would like to discuss what I believe is the reason why we need to be overcomers. I sometimes feel sad because although there are many church buildings, there are still to many people struggling with things that should have been dealt many years ago. It blows my mind that so many Christians are still entangled or yoke together with darkness. This weekend I was talking with my daughter about a certain young lady who I knew from a pervious church that I went to, which was some years ago, she has been going through something that is just not right for way to long. Although she attends a church she is still bound in darkness. Even though I and many others may feel bad about the condition of some of the members of the local church, feeling bad just is not enough. So how can one person make an impact? What is needed to see our churches become like the first church in the book of Acts?

Well I believe it starts when we first overcome our own issues. We have to take God’s word personal, believe what it says, and do our part to get in step with the Holy Spirit. We have to practice spiritual disciplines like fasting and praying, we have to let go of every weight that is hindering our spiritual growth(Hebrews 12:1), and we have to live holy lives.

One of the scriptures that came to mind when I thought about today’s conversation was Hebrews 5:12-14. Paul tells his readers that there is a problem. The problem is that instead of them being teachers of the things of God they themselves still need to be taught like a child. As men and women of God we need to mature so we can lead others to Salvation in Jesus Christ. We should get to the place where we are able to govern and keep ourselves from becoming polluted with the things of the world. I believe one of the issues that is major is our heart towards people. Maybe you are praying, fasting, and doing good works but you have unforgiveness in your heart. Maybe people are mistreating you and so you decide that you are going to get them back😕🤨. Brothers, sisters that is still considered being immature. Instead of allowing worldly influences to dictate your next move, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and grow you through those situations. Let the Fruit of the Spirit manifest in your life. Some of the other things that we need to overcome is :

The flesh (Un-Godly and selfish desires)

The opinion of man



If we have not overcome these things then we will not be able to help anyone else overcome. So we have to be diligent about seeking God through prayer, fasting, and do our part so we can then help someone else.

You know, there are a lot of hurting people who are famish spiritually. In the book of Mark 6:35-37, it is the account of Jesus feeding the 5000. One thing that sticks out to me is when Jesus after hearing the disciples explain how it was getting late and the people should go out to buy food themselves but then Jesus turns to then and said “You give them something to eat”🤔.

Now of course logically that is just bananas to be expected to provide for such a large amount of people especially if you are broke but Jesus was teaching His disciples something supernatural. As we overcome in our walk with Jesus, spiritually some things change and we become empowered by the Holy Spirit. Eventually in our faith walk we should be able to give others something that they are in need of. My prayer for myself is to get to a point spiritually that when others come in my presence they will not leave still hungry. I want God’s presence so much in my life that my family, my neighborhood, and where ever else I come in contact with is changed, all for the Glory of God. We need the anointing of God so those who are bound will be set free but for this to happen we have to overcome our issues.

In Conclusion.

So in conclusion, I hope this conversation has encouraged you to look beyond yourself, look more to God, and to your neighbor. I hope this conversation inspires you to continue to mature in your faith. I also hope that you are challenged to look at your life to see if are you really an overcomer. I know that all of us struggle from time to time but don’t allow your struggles to dominate you instead push forward and you dominate your struggles like God instructed Cain in Genesis 4:6-7. So let’s overcome because there is work to be done for the Kingdom of God! Also remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank your for joining for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope this conversation blessed, encouraged, inspired, and challenged you. If you enjoyed the discussion then please like👍, subscribe, comment, and share! Thank you again! Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!


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