Patience. The Work of the Master Chef.

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone😊! Welcome to another week and here is another encouraging conversation to accompany you along these next seven days. So I hope you have something good to drink☕ as we dive into today’s conversation!

The Master Chef!

For today’s conversation I would like to discuss patience. I know I have discussed this before but since I am currently in a waiting season, it is something that I find to be on my mind a lot. Earlier last week the scripture James 1:4 came to my mind once again which states “but let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. As that scripture ran through my mind, I began to think about a pot on the stove on high heat. At times when we are cooking soups and other things, the contents inside can began to roar and boil. If you ever cooked soup you know the meal inside the pot will do this but you also know that this does not mean that it is done or ready to be taken off the heat. Usually we stir the contents or turn down the heat but the pot is still on the stove cooking.

When life makes you holler!

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Perhaps you can relate to the contents cooking in that pot. Maybe you are experiencing some overwhelming things and you are in desperate need for some relief. Perhaps like the contents in the pot you are boiling over and crying out for God’s help but it looks like things just will not die down. Maybe it may be helpful to look at your life as being in the hands of our Heavenly Father like the goodness in that pot in the hands of a master chef. We are God’s goodness that is becoming savory but it takes time and like the fire that causes the contents to boil and roar let those trials cause God to stir up praise within you. Let us cry out to God. Eventually after the goodness in the pot has been through the necessary cook time it is finally removed from the fire. Then it can be served to others. So maybe it is the same with us.

You will be complete!

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So let me ask you a question, have you ever been served a meal that lacked seasoning? How did it make you feel? Usually we either eat it anyway, add the necessary seasoning ourselves, or we just throw it out altogether because we are like “Nope I Just Can’t Do It”! When I am making soup one of the things that are needed is allowing the seasonings and the other contents to come together. Especially when using a crockpot, its definitely going to take a couple of hours but the end results are delicious. So let me encourage you to allow patience during those trials to have it’s perfect work in you. If we are removed to early or run from what God maybe using to perfect faith in us then we will still be spiritually ignorant and immature in some areas where God wanted us mature in. God is about perfecting us. God wants us to be able to bring something savory to the lives of others. When others come to us they should leave inspired, up lifted, and encouraged. Many times we are able to provide these things because of our testimony of overcoming those trials in our life. You will be able tell others from your experience that seasons do change and they will be able to recieve your encouragement because they can see someone who once was in their shoes but eventually you were brought out of it. Have you ever spoke to someone whose been through what you’ve been through and they were able to encourage you that you will get through it too. Their testimony is not just empty words but it is seasoned with experience (hence the term seasoned Christian).

In Conclusion.

So inconclusion, I encourage you to stay put where God wants you to be. Never give up on God and continue to pray and praise your way through the fire. And lastly remember to take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

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