What has your heart?

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone😊! Praise the Lord😆! I hope everyone is doing amazing and grateful to see another day, week, and another encouraging conversation! So if your ready then grab drink favorite drink☕ and let’s get into the conversation!

Protecting your peace!

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In today’s conversation I would like to discuss what is the main force behind your actions? or What are the reasons you chose to do what you do? I remember when I had my first conflict at my previous job that changed my thinking about what was most important to me. If you worked in the nursing field then you may agree that there are those who cause you to appreciate your peace. So after one incident I learned that people can be like walls but over time my faith in God was the only thing that could break through those very walls and even remove then if needed. So through those difficult times I noticed something wonderful and this is what it was “When you choose the road of peace and give your battles to God, He will fight for you and eventually you will be victorious and God will be glorified.

Fighting against the wind.

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When I see so many people fighting every battle which leads to defeat I feel bad for them. I tell them that they need to protect their peace even if it cost them embarrassment, money, or rejection. It is important to face the reality the we will have to experience those things anyways but the difference here is God will bless you because to valued His ways despite the temporary effects. One thing that I believe about these trying situations is they can build your faith in the Lord more because you are choosing to entrust those things/issues to the Lord.

What has your heart?

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So with that being said let me address today’s topic/ title. Many times during these battles our hearts are exposed and through our choices we can tell what has our heart. If it is the Lord then our response towards the opposition will be to seek the road of peace. But if our hearts are ruled by something else then we will run toward that path, fighting in limited strength. Whether it is pride, money, fame, or anything else usually we will experience a lot of frustration because we want things to go a certain way. What I have found from my own experience though, is that submitting to God through those times is the best means of defense. I actually thank the Lord for those times because I learned that I am really limited in my own strength.

My experience.


Let me give you an example on when I choose the road of peace which lead to victory and the Lord being glorified. One day I had to go court because someone wanted to challenge a pervious court order that they had to pay me a monthly. At first I was not going to go because I was upset and really did not want anything further to do with this person, even to the point that I didn’t even want their money anymore but my best friend told me to still go. So I went and the only thing I brought with me was my bible which I read in the waiting room. When I was called in, I answer all the questions and just listened. At the end of the hearing the other person end up having to pay me more money. The Lord gave me victory and He was glorified because it was all Him behind the scenes. So you see this is an example of why we need to take the road of peace. Who knows what would have happen if I came in there yelling and having a bad attitude. So give God the situation while you seek the road of peace.

The conclusion.

So inconclusion, I am fully aware that no one likes rejection, to be used, or to be embarrassed. I also know that no one likes wasting their time and energy as well. So when you are using you time and energy to work in your own strength when fighting against your enemies you will only end up frustrated. In those situations submit to the Lord and eventually He will lift you up. Really in those moments God is trying to get you to see that fighting in the physical is not the best way but fighting in the spirit is the best way. So choose peace and remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you were blessed, inspired, challenged, and encouraged! If you did enjoy the discussion then please like👍, subscribe, comment, and share down below! Thank you again! Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!

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