Let Love Guide Your Conversations.

Good Tuesday Morning Coffee to all😊! I know I have not done a Tuesday Morning Coffee blog in a couple or so but here I am😉 with some encouraging conversation that I believe with blessed you my fellow parents and anyone else as well. So lets grab our favorite drink☕ and get into the conversation!


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In today’s conversation I would like to discuss the motives behind our conversations. Last week I found myself having to have some discussions with two different people on two different topics. At the time I felt they were necessary and in reality they were but later on in the evening while I was praying I began to realize that although these conversations were necessary the attitude in which I communicated and the motives behind the scenes were in fact unnecessary. What I realized from my time of prayer was that love should guide our conversations. I was so grieved with myself because I realized that I’ve been conversing from a terrible place for many years. As humans it is so natural and automatic to be in protective mode. We usually become offended which leads us to speak from a offensive place but that only leaves the other person resisting our point of view and most of the time making no change. As I thought about a particular experience that Jesus gave to me, I realized that Jesus is so far from this mindset when He communicates with us that it is like it is non existent. In the book of 1 Peter 4:8 the scriptures says “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins”. I believe if we start our conversation from a place of love and allow love to also guide our conversation then the “flaws” or the “sins” that we perceive or think we may see will not move us to prove our prideful points or fuel an unrighteous anger in us. It will ultimately win a soul and hopefully bring about a positive end result.

In need of a miracle.

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Now I know that this is easier said then done. Truly it needs to be a work of the Holy Spirit because our nature will definitely wrestle against this desire for change. We really need God to do a miracle in our hearts (Well if not us, definitely mines). One thing that we need to clearly see is that many people are aware of their of their own dirt. Many know that they need to change and even though they even may look you in your face and lie, they know the truth of their issues. When Jesus walk on this Earth He touch so many hearts that they repented and was changed. This is because unlike the Pharisees who were “professional accusers” that kept people feeling bound, He walk in love and purity. Jesus also could clearly see their sin in them but His conversation was unlike any other person. When I think about Mary who poured perfume on Jesus, with her tears wash His feet and with her hair dried His feet. Or John who lean on the breast of Jesus. I mean what did Jesus have that made so many do such things. “Love”! The purest ever! Let us pray that the Fruit of the Spirit be manifest in our hearts so we can love like Christ.

From a Therapist point of view.

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One of the shows that I started to look at is Only Human: The Hoarder Next Door. Unlike the American Hoarders, the British version starts out with therapy which in my opinion should always be the first step. The thing that I notice about the therapy sessions is the way the professional speaks and approaches the client. Its not forced or forceful which makes the person feel safe, respected, and welcomed. With each session people feel able share their deep secrets, recieve advise, and accept change. As I looked at these session I even more value the need for counseling and therapy. So in essence what I am trying to say is that maybe we should try to adopted some of the approaches that these professions use during there sessions with there clients.

In Conclusion.

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In conclusion, although today’s conversation could have been a Monday Morning Coffee conversation I chose it for today. The reason is as parents we will be having countless conversations with our child and undoubtably we will have to have those challenging discussions. As a parent I advise you to seek God to help you converse with your children wisely. Many times we can do more harm than good. Many times people only remember your attitude and how you made them feel. Although we really are only trying to help our child make better decisions a lot times it may go into one ear and out there other. When it comes down to the parent and child relationships this is a very crucial to the upcoming generation. In order to combat this unfortunate natural inclinations of conversations which is at times wasted words that repeated with the parents of tomorrow; we have to use a different approach. So let us keep each other in prayer. Lets us pray that our conversations will be steeped in love so that the other persons heart will be changed. Also remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining me for today’s Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation! I hope this conversation blessed, encouraged, inspired, and challenged you! if your enjoyed this conversation then please like👍, share, subscribe, and comment down below. Thank you again. Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!


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