Good Monday Morning Coffee conversation everyone😊! How is everyone doing this lovely day? I hope happy and grateful 😁 for a new day, a new week, and a new encouraging conversation to get your day started on the right foot. So if you are ready then grab something to drink☕ and lets get into the conversation.

A pessimistic mindset.

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So for today’s conversation I would like to discuss being optimistic. After a long conversation with a brother in the Lord that was based on a distressing moment I was having, later into the conversation he reveal to me by the Spirit that my problem was coming from me being so easily led towards a pessimistic mindset. He explain also by God’s Spirit that it was due to the negative pass experiences I had. If you are unfamiliar with the term pessimistic, it means to believe the worst will happen or tending to see things ending badly. Now when he said that I was I bit shocked because I would consider myself to be a encouraging person but quickly I agreed when I thought about how I do tend to go into these short cycles of emotional mental problems that will make me sad and anxious. Eventually I felt totally better and understood the issue behind my problem (Thank You Jesus!).

Breaking free.

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I think that many people can relate to the just mention scenario. I mean we can all on some level admit that we are a bit pessimistic on some level. Unfortunately this mindset can lead us to expect the worst in people or a situation. There are times were I would be relaxing or working on something and then bang, a whole conversation would begin in my mind which would begin the pessimistic cycle that would work on my emotions. This use to be me for many, many years. So what about you? Have you experienced this same cycle? Do you want to break out of this cycle? Well if you are experiencing these cycles and want to break free, then I just want to first respond that this is the first step. Many times we just allow these cycles to run their course, then we get a break, and then they run their course again. We allow it to be the norm. I to was like that until one day out of no where I said to myself no more or something along those lines. I basically was like no more of this crap😡! So if this is you now then Praise the Lord. After that when I got a chance to ask for pray from those who I fellowship with, I did. It is important to share you burdens with the Body of Christ. In Galatians 6:2, “it says that we are to bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ”. For many years I would keep this issue to myself because first I was ashamed of how I was thinking and I felt that telling someone would not make a difference (there goes that pessimistic thinking again😒). I praise God though, because he proved me wrong. The most important thing that you have to do is be real with the Father. Don’t just tell him in a pretty way while leaving out the very real details but totally confide in Him. For example, if you feel hatred towards someone then say exactly that to God, please! He knows how you feel already, so just share it with Him. So when I decide to share with my brethren in the Lord and confide in God, God removed that cycle from me.

Choosing to pretend.

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For those who have made peace with being pessimistic, you are actually making peace with being mentally torture. For a Christian, this is not something that God wants for His children. If we read Galatians 5:22-23 then we can see that one of the manifestations of the Spirit of God is peace not anxiety. Our interaction with others can be effected because we are already assuming that this person will trouble us in some way or that opportunity will not go as planned. When I would go through those cycles, it would effect my relationships. I didn’t feel genuine towards certain people because of the emotions that were attached to those mental conversations that I would have. So basically what happens when you are able break free from this type of thinking, it makes you feel light, see things as they are and move on from negative effects of the past. It makes you able to chose to see the best in people and in situations. You Won’t Have To Pretend all the time.

The Conclusion.

So inconclusion, overall it may take some time even when you have decide that enough is enough but do your part because eventually God will set you free. A lot of the issues I believe is due to our need for emotional healing. Unfortuately many of us were mistreated and mishandled and Satan likes to keep us bound to these past memories that can lead to anxiety, depression, unforgiveness, bitterness, and so on. Emotions are so strong and Satan knows how to manipulate our minds which will have an effect on our emotions. This is why you have to fight and exposed these mental issues to God and the church. Even if you did share with someone in the past and you still feel bound, still share with some one else ,don’t give up, and remember take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord.

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope this discussion has blessed, inspired, encouraged, and challenged you. If so, then please like👍, subscribe, share, and comment. Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for now👋!


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