Overcoming Sin!

Hey everyone and good Monday Morning Coffee😊! Happy New Year’s🎆! Welcome to another week, day, and an encouraging conversation which I hope will be a wonderful blessing that will set you on a journey of total freedom in the Lord! So, if you’re ready, grab that morning drink ☕ and let’s get into it, my sisters and my brothers.

The solution to our sin problem!

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For today’s conversation I would like to discuss something that I have heard a minister share that I believe to be super liberating. Many times, when we are dealing with sin that we find so hard to overcome, we seek prayer, we plead with God to help us overcome, and we fast all the while focusing on that sin that we are overwhelmed by. Like I mentioned in another blog post that was about how I overcame my past when I gazed upon the face of Jesus, well it is the same solution to our sin problem.

Jesus can only save.

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When we are fighting in our own strength, we will soon discover that we have no power in this flesh to truly overcome! Some years ago, when I was dealing with fornication, although every time I would pray and ask for forgiveness, I would eventually find myself in that same sin, but it wasn’t until Jesus showed me what my real issue that I was finally set free. The reason why I use that example is because your answer is only found in Jesus. If I would have known what I know now I would have not even found myself in those situations because my gaze would have not been on those men but on Jesus. Whatever has our attention will eventually influence us.

Whatever has our attention will eventually influence us.

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Like television, social media, music, friends, and family, whatever we allow to hold our attention will eventually influence our perception and our next move. This is why it is so crucial as a Christian to constantly fix your eyes on Jesus. Unfortunately, though, there are so many believers who really don’t understand this. They really don’t see the importance of protecting their eye gate and their ear gate and this is one of the reasons why so many continue to struggle in the flesh. As I continue on in my relationship with Jesus, I am finding that things that I used to struggle with are losing its grip on me and that Jesus is my everything. When Jesus becomes your everything, it becomes harder and harder for Satan to tempt you because he can’t get your attention anymore. When your eye is single than your heart becomes undivided. Your gaze on Jesus will now become how you see life and you will become victories over sin because you’re following the Light of the world which will keep you from falling into traps that Satan continues to create in the darkness.

In Conclusion.

So overall what I am saying is, many times our sin problem is really an issue of our gaze. Even a couple of months ago, I felt like my past temptation was trying to rise up but instead of me looking at the temptation, I continued to focus on the Jesus. When I did that, that feeling left by the grace of God. Don’t allow yourself to go into a huge panic but instead go into your prayer closet, delight yourself in the Lord, and allow Holy Spirit to change you. So, with that, remember to take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation! I hope you were blessed, inspired, challenged, and encouraged! If so, please like👍, subscribe, comment, and share! Have a beautiful🌸, blessed day and bye for now👋!


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By Kenya

I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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