Counting the Cost!

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone😄! Welcome to a new day, a new week, and another new awesome, encouraging conversation! I hope all is well with everyone and everyone is in great health. So, if you’re ready to get into today’s conversation, then grab that yummy drink☕, and let’s get started.

Continuing with Jesus!

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For today’s conversation I would like to discuss the importance of counting the cost to continue on with Jesus. Like many Christians who came to the Lord because we needed to be saved from our sin, I unfortunately did not realize that my mind needed to be renewed and realize that my old life in Christ is dead to my new life Him. So basically, I am now dead to sin and now alive (yielding to the new nature) in Christ but of course this is not the norm or as easy as we may think in the beginning. And so, we don’t realize just how amazing and precious this new life really is. At times we are super in love and grateful but when its times to let go of the old fleshly desires we sometimes don’t want to let them go.

The real cost!

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I have met many new believers who including myself fell into an unrealistic thinking which is “I am totally over sin”. This would be wonderful if that were true, but the question is have you been tested? Have you been face to face with what the Lord has delivered you from and if so, have you embraced it once more or shunned it? You see it is not enough to get delivered from our sin, but Jesus has to have first place in our hearts. The real cost is not only the external sacrifices, but it is the internal devotion to Jesus that will make the difference. It’s all about who has your heart. Many times, we fall into sin because that thing or person is still sitting on the throne of our hearts ruling over us. When we are willing to hand everything over to Jesus because we realize that He is the greatest love, treasure, spouse, friend, and anything else, then we are finally understanding the cost to follow our amazing Jesus.

Jesus is everything good!

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So, although we may seemly be losing out on all the “fun” stuff, in reality we are coming into something so much more valuable and amazing. In John 4:10, Jesus says to a Samaritan woman “If you only knew who I am and the gift that God wants to give you, you’d ask me for a drink, and I would give you Living Water. Jesus is saying He is the living water that continually satisfies. In John 6:67-68, When Jesus looked at the 12 disciplines and asked them if they wanted to leave, Peter then replied, “But Lord where would we go? No one but you gives us the revelation of eternal life. We are fully convinced that you are the Anointed One, the Son of the Living God”. Jesus is the Eternal Word sent from God. Through Him alone we may only possess eternal life. In Matthew 5:22-23 says, “But the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions: joy that overflows, peace that subdues, patience that endures, kindness in action, a life full of virtue, faith that prevails, gentleness of heart, and strength of spirit. Never set the law above these qualities, for they are meant to be limitless. The fact that God has given us His Spirit to produce His fruit through us is profound in itself. We are gaining so much and when we compare the cost against what we are gaining we will only see that we are the ones really getting the better “deal”.

The Conclusion.

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So, what is the conclusion of today’s conversation? The conclusion is that when we count the cost, we will realize just how worthy and good Jesus is and just how bankrupt we really are. We will realize that Jesus is our real source joy, peace, and success because the worlds idea of success and happiness is burdensome and fleeting. To anyone who is being faced with a temptation of your past life, look at what Jesus has done for you and how far you have come. Don’t throw it all away because of your fleshly desire. I can tell you from experience that that person or thing is only a trick, a carrot that Satan is dangling in front of you so he can lure you out of the protection on your Savoir. Although saying no to that temptation feels overwhelming, we have to do our part to protect our relationship with Jesus. To anyone who may be struggling, I pray that you will be willing to pay the cost of the temporal things so you can partake in the eternal things. So, with that being said, remember to take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you were blessed, inspired, challenged, and encouraged. If so, then please like👍, subscribe, share, and comment. Have beautiful🌸, blessed day and bye for now👋!


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