Keep Pursuing!

Good Monday Morning Coffee to all ☺️ ! Welcome to a new day, a new week, and an another encouraging conversation! How is everyone doing this fine Monday? I hope everyone is doing great. So if you are ready to start the conversation, then grab something to drink ☕️, and let’s dive right into the discussion.


So, for today’s conversation I just want to remind all of us to continue to press forward in our relationship with God. I want to encourage everyone to continue to pursue God. Intimacy must be a priority if we are going to be fully effective for the Kingdom of God. I know sometimes we can become busy in reaching goals, working, tending to our families, and other important things but the most important of all is your relationship with the Father.

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There are many who are coming into new revelations of the hidden things of heaven. Others are learning their identity in Christ, and some are coming into new assignments and paths that are inspired by the Holy Spirit. All of these things are so wonderful and exciting but we must even more so continue in the secret place. Please don’t allow yourself to become too busy that you start putting your time with God on hold. In my opinion, this is a very dangerous. So no matter what, if you have to be like Jesus and wake up early to spend time with God before to sun comes up, then do it. Remember the only reason why you are coming into these revelations, entering into heavenly realms, and receiving heavenly assignments is because of your beloved Jesus! This is just a word of encouragement my brothers and sisters.

So, remember to take it one day at a time, stay encouraged in the Lord, and remember that the Lord loves you soooo much, so make sure to love Him back!

Thank you for joining me for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation! I hope you were blessed, inspired, challenged, and of course, encouraged! If so, then please like👍🏾, subscribe, share, and comment down below. So until next Monday, have a beautiful, blessed day 🌺, and bye for now 👋🏾!


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By Kenya

I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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