Disciplining Your Children.

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Disciplining Your Children.

This topic I believe can be a bit sensitive but I would like to start by defining what discipline means according to http://www.merriam-webster.com. Discipline has several definitions such as gaining control by enforcing obedience or order; to prescribe a pattern of behavior; having self control; a punishment; a field of study; or a training that corrects the mental faculties or moral character. So discipline is implemented to bring about a change in a behavior or mindset. Sometimes when we think of the word discipline accompanied with the word children it can bring about a negative emotion which may lead some to have a initial negative response but I believe that this is a wrong response to it.

As human beings we take on so many disciplines in our everyday life. Some examples are waking up at certain time rather than whenever you feel like it; going to the gym and eating a clean diet (Keto) instead of leading a unhealthy lifestyle; or staying on a budget rather than spending your last cent which will led you to borrow money from others. So discipline is used to bring about a better outcome.

When children come into this world they unfortunately have some selfish tendencies even though they have an innocence about them. When we are born we go into protective mode and cry because that is how we get our needs meet. Overtime when the child concludes that crying is the method that works to get the attention he or she wants then they will continue but the moment they are meet with opposition then they take the crying😥 to the next level. The tantrum 😭😣😤😡 !

This tantrum should cause the parent to respond with discipline which is just redirecting the child to the correct behavior. We should implement discipline into our child’s life as a way to teach them how to conduct themselves in society. It is evident on social media that there is a lack of self discipline and some parents may have not implemented discipline during the adolescent years. So I have chosen this topic because it is important to make discipline as a normal thing in our homes. Discipline is not only for the occasional spanking but it is for making the child successful. Here are some examples:

Teaching (Discipling) how to clean their room so they won’t take an unkept lifestyle to their adulthood.

Teaching (Disciplining) them to be organized with their studies and work area so they can be successful with school and their projects.

Giving (Disciplining) them a job to do at a certain time to teach them the importance of being on time.

Teaching (Discipling) them how to groom and properly dress themselves so they will look their best.

These are important disciplines that we should be teaching our children. When we neglect these areas we are leaving their young minds at the will and ideas of the world. The world teaches that there are no real standards but that is not true. There are always consequences to every action and decision. This discussion is a helpful reminder that discipline is very important. In our own life it will show in the areas where we are discipline and where we are not. Also even if your children are teenagers it is not to late to introduce a new discipline to your children. Remember persistent beats resistant and God is faithful!

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