Speak Life Over Your Children.

Hooray for another Tuesday Morning Coffee conversationšŸ˜! I hope everyone is happy and enjoying another lovely week from the Lord. Well if you are ready for today’s encouraging conversation then I know you already have your favorite drinkā˜•, so let’s get into the conversation.

The power of a parent.

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So in today’s conversation I would like for us to discuss the importance of speaking life over your children. I hope that who ever joins this conversation will take this seriously because it is vital to know that as parents our words are powerful. The way we treat our children and what we say to them will truly stay with them forever so we have to be determined to speak over them life and success. Now that my duaghter is 18 years old I have been so blessed to see how God has blessed her with confidence, direction, and purpose among other things. I believe God wants to do these things for all our children but if their foundation is damaged by mean spirited words and other types of mistreatment then it can become hard for these same children to realize God’s love and plan for them.

How to handle difficulties with your children.

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As parents I know that our children can look at us like we do not have feelings. They can sometimes be so cold towards us and disrespectful which is very hurtful because we love them so much. So for them to mistreat us might as well become a slap in the face. Many times when I became frustrated with my duaghter I would whoop her. Yes a whooping with my hand or belt. As time went on though those whooping’s were no longer doing the job so I started going to Father so He could discipline her and it worked, very fast. But even though she had to be discipline I would continue speaking life over her, be loving, spending time with her, and praying and fasting for her, hard! So even when we have to be firm or discipline (and we have to discipline them) we have to keep the big picture in mind. I believe for those children who are especially difficult to deal with, we have to fight spiritually even harder. I have heard many testimonies how God has transformed many children through the power of pray and fasting. Even though like many others who do not want to fast, I fast because it is my daughter’s life and future that is at stake. Time is precious so we can not afford to use it unwisely.

Being determined.

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So today if you have not already, make the decision to be determine to fight for your children’s life and future. It is important to realize as a Christian parent it will require hard work. It is more than just making sure they are good and productive citizens in this world but it is about going undercover spiritually and covering them with love and life giving words. Just think about those times in your own life how someone may have spoken something to you either positive or negative. I know you can remember how it effected you so how much more the things that are spiritual. Here are some things that are helpful for your child’s mental and spiritual growth that are wonderful things to implement the area of parenting:

Make sure to tell them you love them everyday.

Hug them.

Spend quality time with them.

Pray for them and with them.

Read the bible with them.

Tell them the gospel.

Fast and pray for them.

Seek the Lord on their behalf.

Be involved in what they are doing and even be nosey in order to make sure that they are not getting into things they should not be getting into.

Call them beautiful, precious, lovely, handsome, awesome, and amazing. Compliment them.

Discipline them so they they will know right from wrong.

By incorporating all these wonderful tips it is like an invisible protective layer surrounding them. As we know the enemy is out to destroy us and his favorite method to use is the posing a questioning trap which is basically means to get you caught in his web of words. So when we are there for our children, teaching, praying, fasting, and disciplining them we are doing our part to help them overcome many of the Devils traps and lies because we are building them up mentally and spiritually.

In Conclusion.

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As a mother I am totally aware of the hard work that is involved with just to raising one child by the world’s standards but I also know how hard it is to stay determined to fortify them spiritually. I know it is difficult but you will not regret it. God keeps His word and He will not overlook all your efforts. Invite Him into everything and He will lead and keep you and your child/children. So remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining for today’s Tuesday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you were blessed, inspired, challenge, and encouraged. Please likešŸ‘, subscribe, comment, and share down below. Have a beautiful, blessed day and bye for nowšŸ‘‹!

Kenya šŸ’—

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