Returning to Jesus, Your First Love!

Good Monday Morning Coffee conversation everyone👋! Welcome back! I hope everyone is good! I am doing great in the Lord! So let’s get your day and week started with today’s encouraging conversation. So, grab something yummy to ☕drink and let’s get into the discussion.

The Shift.

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For today’s conversation I would to discuss returning back to your first love, Jesus! As we know, our world has went into huge shift, bringing change into our personals routines. Some of us have had to do church via internet and some have been able to return to a building fellowship. Of course there has been other things that has been a bit challenging. But today we are going to focus on the issues that some, including I, have confessed to be going through.

Your First Love. 💗

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I would like to do a part two of my previous post called “To gaze upon the face of Jesus” because I want more people to be able grab hold of what I was finally able to grab hold of. This is what God is calling the church of Jesus to do. In the book of Revelations chapter two, Jesus is speaking to the church of Ephesus. He is commending them on their works, patience, and labor which are good but in Rev 2:4 He says that “nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou has left thy first love. It is clear that although Jesus was pleased with their devotion to very important things they were not doing it from a place of intimacy. Many of us will miss the simplicity of a relationship with Jesus because we have been brought up in a system that promotes works as what will really get God’s attention and because it is so simple we can over look what Jesus died for, which is intimacy. Have you fallen for the trick of the enemy? I did but when I realized the truth that God wants us to rest in Him, I declared no more Satan.

Letting it all go.

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Many people are still going though dry seasons. They feel alone, like God is distant, and even depressed. Truly that was me. Now I am not saying that I am having heavenly visitations from heaven but I am experiencing peace, joy, and love in the Holy Spirit, which you should too if you have the Holy Spirit. So here is the answer, ready! It is turning away from everything else and looking at Jesus. Maybe you may be saying “that is to simple or I already tried that”. Well try it again and this time forget those former things. Stop looking or stop trying to resurrect those things that are not working. You are not experiencing God the same as you did before with those old things because you are looking more to those practices for salvation than to Jesus. If you are saying things like” I am trying to get “back” to a certain pray time, bible reading, or whatever to feel saved, then your sight is not on Jesus. Your responsibility should not be on resurrecting those old things but it should be in delighting yourself in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fresh Manna.

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Jesus needs us to be like Mary who sat at His feet and not like Martha who was all worked up and joyless because she was so caught up in work. Her works was perhaps based on duty instead of being to her a joyful service to those who she was serving. At that point she really needed to just sit down like Mary and enjoy her guest, Jesus. Perhaps it is the mercy of God that is allowing you to feel depressed and down in order to make you return to your first love. So today let go of all you know and come to Jesus like a child. Be like Paul who counted everything he knew as dung. You no longer have to go backward to find Jesus because He is right there in front of you and within you, Now! So let go and embrace Jesus, Today is the Day of Salvation! Stop trying to eat the stale bread of yesterday and go get that fresh Daily Bread from Jesus! Amen!

Fully engaged.

One of the most encouraging example I heard from a brother that has helped me to stop looking back was learning to look at my relationship with Jesus as a man who is trying to develop a relationship with his fiancé. The woman can be fully engaged physically but if her mind is focused on her past mistakes and other issues, the relationship will not be fulfilling. Like the story of Lot’s wife who looked back and become a pillar of salt which I would believe would have her still looking back, she is also an example of what could happen if we don’t chose to fully let go and move on.

In Conclusion.

So inclusion, if you want Jesus then you have to let go of your titles, your theology, your presumptions, your gifts, your talents, basically whatever it is that you are idolizing, bringing you down, or puffing you up. At times we look to titles, religious practices, memories, and people to give us meaning or validation to say who we are. Eventually though, people and things come up short and then we will feel down and distant. Jesus is the only one that can fill that void in you. Jesus is the only one that can place that fire in you, give you purpose, and bring contentment. So, let it all go and let him replace it all. It is all about Him anyways, so make Him your priority. Get into that prayer closet and seek Him until you find Him. Make knowing Him your major priority, lean in, press in, don’t give up, and go hard after Him. So with that, remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord!

Thank you for joining me once again for today’s Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you were blessed, encouraged, inspired, and challenged by today’s content. Be released to fully embrace Jesus. Please feel free to like👍, subscribe, comment, and share. Have a beautiful, blessed day🌸 and bye for now👋!


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