Never Give Up Hope!

Good Monday Morning Coffee everyone😊! I hope everyone is doing great this Monday morning! Welcome back to another encouraging conversation, to another new week, and day. So, if you are ready, then grab your favorite drink☕️, get cozy, and let’s get into the discussion.

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So for today’s conversation I just want to encourage those who may feel like they are losing hope. Maybe you have been praying about something for a very long time or you are in a situation that you may be feeling that there is nothing more for you. I can relate to both scenarios. I myself have felt like perhaps I should just get comfortable in the place where I was in and no longer lift certain prayers before the Lord. I understand that after awhile you can begin to lose hope for change but I just want to say never give up, especially on God.

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So today, I want to testify about some of the things that I have seen God do in my life and perhaps help someone chose to believe that their break through will come. So………….

For many years I worked at a job that was okay but eventually I really wanted something different for me and especially for me and my daughter. Since I am a single parent who worked very far from my home and who had many large bills to pay, it was hard to afford to do many of the things I really wanted to do with my daughter. I was basically living pay check to pay check, waking up 4am in the morning, traveling for almost 2 hrs to and from work, and very exhausted. Even my daughter had to be up at 4am for a while because I had to take her to daycare. When I tried to change my working situation by applying for different jobs, every door closed on me. Through those years I still stayed praying but after awhile I began to try to make peace with my situation. I thought to myself “perhaps I may have to live like this for the rest of my life”. Then when I least expected the Lord open another door and I was able to get a fresh start when I moved to another state. Everything was great but when I got settled in my new situation I was out of a job for almost three years. Even though I still had a small income coming in, my parents whom I am living with was really putting pressure on me to get a job. So, it was really overwhelming! Eventually I got a job but this job was worse than my last job. Then the Lord open another amazing door to an amazing financial blessing that gave me the ability to leave that job, live off this income, and do the things I really wanted to do with my daughter. Now although this is truly an amazing thing that the Lord has done in my life, He has even superseded that with this…………..

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I have shared in other post how I fell into fornication and even how the Lord set me free from that sin but I did not share how my relationship with the Lord suffered. Before I feel into that sin those three times as a Christian, I felt the presence of the Lord everyday. I felt close to Him but after my last incident I experience heavy depression. I would cry all the time, even to the point where my chest would hurt so much that I thought I would have to go the hospital. It was really hard. Even though the Lord at times would touch my heart or encourage me in many different ways, the relationship still was not the same. During those times I felt alone. I would fast many times with tears. I just really wanted Jesus. Fast forward, little did I know at the time the Lord was leading the whole time to even a better relationship with Him. Now today my relationship with the Lord is incredible. I never would have even imagine that the things that I have been experiencing in Christ was a reality.

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So I share these testimonies because no matter if you’re hoping for a spiritual, financial, mental, or relational breakthrough the Lord has taken notice of not only your prayers but even those desires that you did not even bring up to Him. He is able to fulfill you in every way to the point where you will be so content. Today I am so content and satisfied that anything extra from the Lord would be the cherry on the top. He loves you and through every season of our lives He desires only the best for us. Some times He has to work on our hearts, motives, and prune those dead things from out of lives before He can bless us.

Side note: I think the most important thing the Lord wants to develop in us during those trying season is our total devotion to Him. I don’t now what that may look like in your life but overall He has to be number one in our hearts.

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So to conclude, continue to be hopeful because God is for you. He has so much more for you than you could have even imagine. Now even though the Lord wants to answer those external prayers, remember that Jesus is the real prize. Many well off people are still misery but the one who has a relationship with Jesus is the one who is truly blessed. Although Abraham had so much and lived as a prince He was called a friend of God (#goals). So remember, take it one day at a time and stay encouraged in the Lord.

Thank you for joining me for today Monday Morning Coffee conversation. I hope you were blessed, inspired, (amazed, lol), challenged, and encouraged! If so, please like👍🏾, subscribe, comment, and share! Have a beautiful🌷, blessed day and bye for now👋!


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I am a christian mother of a beautiful daughter. I have served in the navy, wrote a children's book. Now I am trying my hand at blogging hoping to share some encouragment from the things I have learned along the way on the jounery of life.

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