How to Overcome Boredom.

Since Covid-19 we have had to change our mindset about what we considered to be fun. If you are feeling bored with your life then join conversation and recieve some encouragement.

How to Stay Focus as a Single Parent

I believed that most single parents face the same struggles. There are times were life can feel lonely or overwhelming. If you are finding that your emotions fall within these categories then join the conversation and recieve some encouragement today.

4 Ways to Overcome the Power of a Title

Do you feel like you are being identify by something that you would rather dissociated yourself from. Do you think that the labels that you or some else has placed on you really does not define the real you. Then join the discussion so we can find some resolution for this issue.

Telling Your Children The Truth

Have you notice that there are so many people making proclamations. There so many protest and messages being projected that it is becoming confusing who to listen to. With children growing up in the today world I wonder what their minds by concluding from all this? Join the discussion and lets see what we can to help our youth know what to really focus on.

Leading By Example

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Being a leader is not an easy task. As parents it can feel a bit overwhelming that we now have to think beyond ourselves for the sake of the young minds that are taking notice of our every move. Join the discussion today so we can tap into provision that has been given to us as parents.

9 Ways to Practice Forgiveness

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Are you having a hard time forgiving someone that hurt you. Sometimes letting go just seems so hard. If you find yourself in this state I believe these 8 ways can help you let go and find freedom from unforgiveness.

Disciplining Your Children.

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Do you dislike the thought of discipling your children? Do you think the word discipline is uncomfortable? Then I would like for you join the discuss on the subject to give you a different perspective on this topic. Come please and join the discussion.

Standards To Live By.

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Good morning everyone! I hope this week so far has been a blessed one. Every morning when I wake up I am reminded of the scripture that states “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;[a] his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22-23). So everyday when I awake… Continue reading Standards To Live By.